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ENERGY CHAMPION "It Depends" By Ian Storey, P.Eng., President, I.B. Storey Inc. Welcome to the second issue of the Energy Champion Series developed exclusively for the ORFA. A special thanks to those of you who reached out following the inaugural edition of the series with your thoughts and questions. One of the most common answers in energy management is, "It depends." Unlike other industries, in energy management it is the answer that is most common - not the question. So what is it that depends? Questions from technology to spending can result in this same insightful answer! So, let's consider equipment. Consider the situation of a colleague at a neighbouring recreation facility who is installing a new type of water heater. You ask them about it and the response is completely positive. You would naturally assume it would be good for your facility as well. This is the most common approach to decision-making when it comes to energy management or even facility improvements but it is a trap of sorts. Just because a piece of equipment, a new technology, or operating practice works well for one facility, does not automatically mean it will work well at another. Why? "It depends." It depends on how you use energy; it depends on the cost of the energy; it depends on the way you control or need to use that energy. Variable frequency drives (VFD) that provide speed control for motorpowered equipment very easily illustrate this paradox. Putting a VFD on the right pump can result in significant savings and be a wise investment. Installing the very same VFD on a different pump in your building can easily have an energy penalty associated with it. The same VFD operates the same way in each situation but choosing the application wisely can be challenging. Unfortunately, "energy depends." This is particularly the case in recreation facilities operating either a rink or pool. Scientifically speaking, these are industrial processes operating inside a commercial facility. Makes you want to stop reading, doesn't it? Fundamentally, this is the root of what makes our recreation complexes an interesting challenge to manage. One might think, well, if energy depends, that's one thing, but convert that to out-of-pocket expenses and it must bring sanity to this complex situation. Sadly, no. Consider energy spending: it differs by location and purchasing contracts, not to mention that wonderful present that is the semi-mystical to many: Global Adjustment Charge. A simple change in operation practice can yield dividends to one facility, while causing spending havoc at another. Thus, overall, whether considering technology or cost, it depends. Whether it is a lack of clarity or lack of being able to keep it simple (yes, I love the KISS Principle), "It depends" will at some point be the inevitable answer to your questions. Fear not! Education, even the accidental learning something new, is the key to being able to finish the sentence: "It depends. In our situation..." If you understand how your building uses energy as opposed to just recognizing that it does, you will be able to choose wisely! So, let's apply the KISS Principle to our learning. Dollars, not kilowatt-hours, make our world go round. As an apprentice energy manager with a keen eye for detail, you already know that your efforts will impact on energy - the kilowatts and kilowatt-hours, the cubic metres and maybe litres of fuel. Our universe is measured using those numbers. In many situations we don't even have a copy of the actual invoice showing the charges. More often than not, no news is good news in this scenario. When the monthly billing is less than budget, there is probably no one asking questions. The opposite is not so true. Often when an issue does arise regarding greater-thanexpected billing, questions will rapidly be forwarded to facility operators. Having www.swimpool.ca SP&S ® 1.800.761.4941 info@swimpool.ca COMMERCIAL SWIMMINGPOOL &SPAEQUIPMENT ORP/pH/PPM Online Controllers SP&S Water Treatment ® Ph: 905-702-8802 Email: irsi@indref.ca Website: www.indref.ca 789204_Industrial.indd 1 SP&S ® is a registered trademark of Dennis Ashworth & Associates Limited since 1969 21/03/16 1:11 793962_SPnS.indd PM 1 | 45 FACILITY FORUM  09/02/16 5:57 pm http://www.swimpool.ca http://www.indref.ca

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