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FEATURE | ONTARIO MAkINg a MARk WITH SUPPORT FROM WATERTAP, ONTARIO IS RAISINg THE bAR ON THE gLObAL WATER TECHNOLOgy SCENE. BY kERRY FREEk, HOnS. B.A. WaterTAP W hen the Ontario government passed the Water Opportunities Act in 2010, it made the water technology sector a priority for the province. At the time, the world had begun to demand homegrown expertise and game-changing technologies. The acquisition of many successful Ontario-based companies by major corporations had inspired new entrepreneurs and spurred a new generation of start-ups with access to Ontario's supportive research and development (R&D) ecosystem. The province was on track to compete on a global scale, and the Act represented a commitment to supporting that potential. It established a framework to drive innovation, create economic opportunities, and promote sustainable water infrastructure and conservation of Ontario's water. It laid a foundation for economic growth and for making Ontario a North American leader in the sector. The Act also created the Water Technology Acceleration Project-WaterTAP-as a vehicle to promote and implement these objectives. Since the organization commenced operations in September 2012, it has worked to support the sector's growth. A recent WaterTAP survey of 59 companies revealed: * On average, Ontario's water companies are experiencing a growth rate of 20 per cent. Some companies are experiencing much higher rates. WaterTAP and the Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS sign a memorandum of understanding with CECEP in China. Front row (L-R): Brent Wootton, WaterTAP; Zhang Jun, CECEP; Ilse Treurnicht, MaRS Discovery District. * Companies working with WaterTAP are growing 7 per cent faster than companies not yet working with WaterTAP. This represents $30 million in incremental revenue growth. These companies are also hiring double the number of fulltime employees. * This difference in growth rate represents a 1300 per cent return on the Province's investment in WaterTAP. At present, Ontario is home to more than 900 water industry companies, mostly small and medium enterprises, which employ approximately 22,000 people. WaterTAP has identified approximately 300 companies with high potential for growth. Combined with the promise of a uS$560-billion1 global water sector Ontario water technology companies explore the different stages of investment at a meeting of WaterTAP's Business user Group. O N T A R I O P i P E L i n E | SPRING 2015 | 29

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