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DEPARTMENT | CALENDAR Events - Spring 2015 APRiL 1, 2015 ScOWWA 2015 SPRinG cOnFEREncE St. Catharines, ON For more information contact Yonatan Yohannes at (905) 753-8106 x 5331 or yyohannes@brantford.ca APRiL 13-14, 2015 inTERnATiOnAL SYMPOSiUM On WATERBORnE PATHOGEnS Savannah, Georgia For more information see www.awwa.org APRiL 19-21, 2015 AnnUAL WEAO TEcHnicAL SYMPOSiUM & OPcEA ExHiBiTiOn Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, ON For more information see www.weao.org APRiL 21-24, 2015 WQA AQUATEcH USA AnnUAL cOnFEREncE & TRADE SHOW Las Vegas, NV For more information see www.wga.org APRiL 26-28, 2015 OnTARiO'S WATER cOnFEREncE & TRADE SHOW HOSTED BY THE OWWA, OMWA & OWWEA Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto, ON For more information see www.owwa.ca APRiL 29, 2015 8TH AnnUAL OWWEA cHARiTY GOLF TOURnAMEnT Royal Woodbine Golf Club, Toronto, ON For more information see www.owwea.ca MAY 5-6, 2015 PROVinciAL WORkSHOP: DWQMS TAkinG iT TO THE nExT LEVEL Thunder Bay, ON For more information see www.wcwc.ca MAY 12-13, 2015 PROVinciAL WORkSHOP: DWQMS TAkinG iT TO THE nExT LEVEL Chatham, ON For more information see www.wcwc.ca MAY 25-29, 2015 WORLD WATER cOnGRESS xV inTERnATiOnAL WATER RESOURcES ASSOciATiOn Edinburgh, Scotland For more information see www.worldwatercongress.com MAY 27-30, 2015 2015 cScE AnnUAL cOnFEREncE Regina, SK For more information see www.csce.ca MAY 27-30, 2015 43RD BcWWA AnnUAL cOnFEREncE & TRADE SHOW Kelowna, BC For more information see www.bcwwa.org MAY 30-JUnE 3, 2015 12TH iWA LEADinG EDGE cOnFEREncE On WATER & WASTEWATER TEcHnOLOGiES Hong Kong For more information see www.iwa-netowrking.org JUnE 7-10, 2015 AcE 15 AnnUAL cOnFEREncE & ExPOSiTiOn UniTinG THE WORLD OF WATER Anaheim, CA For more information see www.awwa.org JUnE 25, 2015 cAnADiAn WATER SUMMiT 2015 Vancouver, BC For more information see www.watersummit.ca JUnE 23-JULY 3, 2015 iOA WORLD cOnGRESS & ExHiBiTiOn 2015 Barcelona, Spain For more information see www.iao-ea3g.org O N T A R I O P i P E L i n E | SPRING 2015 | 49 http://www.awwa.org http://www.weao.org http://www.wga.org http://www.owwa.ca http://www.owwea.ca http://www.wcwc.ca http://www.wcwc.ca http://www.worldwatercongress.com http://www.csce.ca http://www.bcwwa.org http://www.iwa-netowrking.org http://www.awwa.org http://www.watersummit.ca http://www.iao-ea3g.org

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Ontario Pipeline - Spring 2015

From the Publications Chair
The OWWA Report
The OMWA Report
The OWWEA Report
From Our AWWA Director
Ontario’s Water Conference and Tradeshow
Acclamation of 2015–2018 OWWA Directors
Let’s Drink to That!
New Possibilities with Municipal Water Data
The NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Water Treatment at the University of Waterloo
Making a Mark
AWWAO Certification Week
Novel Use of Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide in Drinking Water
Water for People India Impact Tour
Committee Reports
Certification Corner
Welcome New Members
Calendar of Events
OWWEA Member Listing
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Ontario Pipeline - Spring 2015