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OMWA PRESIDENT'S REPORT Benefiting Our Collective Membership T he Ontario Municipal Water Association, together with our partners, the OWWA and the OWWEA, worked diligently to bring you a first-class conference and trade show at the Weston Harbour Castle this year from April 26 to 29. With more than a thousand delegates participating in this event, much of the feedback received from participants has been positive. Nonetheless, we continually strive to improve and provide even greater benefit to our collective membership and look forward to an even greater conference in Windsor between May 1 and May 4, 2016. At the Ontario Water Conference and Trade Show, the Ontario Municipal Water Association unveiled its updated Strategic Plan developed in 2014, summarizing efforts that will refocus the association's activities and provide a roadmap for the immediate future. Intrinsic in the new Strategic Plan is the "whole water cycle" approach to public policy, sustainability, and longer-term planning principles for water-related utilities. The Ontario Municipal Water Association continues its advocacy work with the Ontario government this year, including issues related to First Nations. In addition, the OMWA has continued its work on the issue of property developments, and the distinction between municipal water systems, regulated water systems, and "plumbing." In that regard, we continue to work closely with the Ministry to provide clarification and resolve many outstanding issues related to the different water-related legislations, with the intention to provide the Ministry with assistance in updating and clarifying policies and related regulations. Later this year, the Ontario Municipal Water Association will host its biennial Ontario Water Leadership Summit at the Weston Bristol Place in Toronto on September 29 and 30. The theme for this year's summit is "2115: What will Ontario's water industry look like in 100 years?" and will present thoughtful discussions and presentations on a variety of policy, governance and administrative issues. Over the course of the two-day summit, many progressive and innovative ideas will be shared related to finance and funding models, long-term sustainability through the use of new and emerging technologies, municipal design in relation to our water footprint, and climate change. I look forward to seeing everyone there. The Ontario Municipal Water Association continues to strive to be The Voice of Ontario's Public Water Authorities, representing municipalities and municipallyowned water systems across Ontario. On behalf of our municipal members, we look to develop and implement long-term policies and programs for the benefit of the greater public and ensure sustainable and safe drinking water systems in Ontario, and address our most-pressing issues that we face. 8 | O N T A R I O P I P E L I N E | SUMMER 2015 ANDREW HENRY PRESIDENT, OMWA INTRINSIC IN THE OMWA'S NEW STRATEGIC PLAN IS THE "WHOLE WATER CYCLE" APPROACH TO PUBLIC POLICY, SUSTAINABILITY, AND LONGER-TERM PLANNING PRINCIPLES FOR WATER-RELATED UTILITIES.

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