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ach year, the Ontario Municipal Water Association offers
its members the opportunity to nominate someone for
one of three prestigious awards to be presented at the
annual water conference, held this year in Niagara Falls.
"These water champions should be celebrated across our province," said OMWA president Rosemary Kelleher-MacLennan. "They
have contributed through their careers and their efforts to our
members' goals of supplying safe public drinking water and maintaining highest of standards in drinking water. We all owe them our
thanks and appreciation."
There are three categories, and each entry is judged by the OMWA's
awards committee, this year chaired by John Thompson, City of
Barrie. The following awards recognize the efforts and contributions of people and organizations to provide the best quality, safest
drinking water in Ontario.

Don Black
Initiated in 2000, the OMWA
Don Black Award is named in honour of OMWA's former Executive
Director. It recognizes the contribution of those individuals
or public water authorities who
have demonstrated outstanding
and dedicated service in support
of the principles of the Ontario
Municipal Water Association.
This year's award went to: Gary Carscadden, Town of Collingwood.
Following his first post-secondary eight-year career in the trucking
industry, Gary Carscadden joined the Town of Thornbury, now part
of the Town of the Blue Mountains, operating the Water Treatment
facility. Like many smaller municipalities, in addition to working at
the water treatment plant, Garry also operated and maintained the
Town's distribution system.
Gary transitioned to his neighbouring municipality, joining the
then-Collingwood Public Utilities Commission in August 1994. In
1996, the Town of Collingwood experienced a cryptosporidiosis
event, which resulted in a boil-water order being issued by the
Ministry. Fortunately, at the time of the event Collingwood was
already in the process of designing a new water treatment plant
and as part of the process it was decided to establish a new position titled "Chief Water Treatment Operator" in order to assist the
design team with operator input. Gary applied for the position and
was successful, starting in this position in June 1996.
One of Gary's first tasks as the newly appointed Chief Water
Treatment Operator was to commission the interim treatment plant
at Collingwood. This system was the first of its kind serving an
Ontario municipality. This experience proved invaluable for Gary as
the design process for the permanent membrane plant proceeded.
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In 1998, a permanent facility, the Raymond A. Barker Ultrafiltration
Plant, was commissioned in Collingwood under Gary's supervision.
The plant was the largest municipal hollow fibre surface water treatment plant in North America and first in Ontario. Gary oversaw the
operation of the facility until 2002 and became a world renowned
expert in membrane plant operation. He has trained operators from
all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, Singapore,
Barbados and the USA.
Gary subsequently accepted the role of Compliance Officer for
Collingwood's Water System. Amongst other achievements, Gary
obtained an ISO 14001 registration for the Collingwood Water Plant
and successfully introduced the DWQMS (Drinking Water Quality
Management System) requirements.
Gary Carscadden is well known to most Membrane Plant operators throughout the Province and many beyond as a knowledgeable
Trainer and excellent Operator. His longstanding contributions to
Ontario's Water Industry have shown him to be a worthy recipient
of the 2017 Ontario Municipal Water Association's Don Black Award.

Industry Leadership Award
The OMWA's Industry Leadership Award is given for significant and
continuous contribution to the water industry. This year the award was
given to Edgar Tovilla, Region of Peel.
Edgar Tovilla has contributed to the water/wastewater industry
in North America for some 20 years.
He is a professional engineer in Ontario. He holds a Bachelor's
degree in Civil Engineering, an Environmental Master's Degree
and is currently working towards a PhD in Environmental Applied
Science in his spare time.
Edgar worked in the southern United States before coming to work
within the engineering consulting industry in Canada. He joined the
Ontario Ministry of Environment holding positions as Senior Water
Engineer, Supervisor of Approvals and Acting Approvals Director.
While at the Ministry, he received several internal MOE awards recognizing his significant contribution to innovative processes. Amongst
those was his considerable effort which led to the current offering of
"Limited Operational Flexibility" (LOF) in the wastewater approvals
field, from which many of our municipalities have derived significant
benefit as well as time and expenditure avoidance.
Edgar has also been the municipal Manager of Water Operations
in Barrie and is currently the Supervisor of Wastewater Collections
Systems at the Region of Peel. He serves on the Board of Directors
for the Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO). He
has been instrumental in his contribution as Chair of the Ontario
Municipal Water Association's (OMWA) Advisory Council on Municipal
Regulated Systems vs. Plumbing.
Edgar Tovilla's noteworthy and ongoing positive contributions
to Ontario's Water Industry have highlighted his fulsome eligibility
to be a deserving recipient of the 2017 Ontario Municipal Water
Association's Industry Leadership Award.


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