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DEPARTMENT | ASK THE BOARD OWWA is not keeping pace with the priorities of the municipalities. Why do you not coordinate with the municipalities? BY MARCUS FIRMAN OWWA Director M unicipalities and municipal water workers are an extremely important and intrinsic part of the OWWA. So as a director of OWWA, whose paid job is at a municipal water utility, I must admit this question caused me some consternation–how could this perception be out there? This led me to consider the makeup of the organization. The Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization whose members are water professionals dedicated to protecting public health through the delivery of safe, sufficient, and sustainable drinking water in Ontario. Currently OWWA has a total individual membership of over 1500 members and of those members who identify their employer in their membership profile, over 520, or approximately 35 per cent, work for municipalities. Add to this the 38 | O N T A R I O P I P E L I N E | FALL 2013 THE OWWA BOARD IS COMPRISED OF 12 MEMBERS, OF WHICH 7 ARE EMPLOYED BY MUNICIPALITIES AND ACCREDITED OPERATING AUTHORITIES. 85 municipalities/utilities that are members, and it can be seen that municipalities are well represented within the general organization. The OWWA Board is comprised of 12 members of which 7 are employed by municipalities and accredited operating authorities; again, there is excellent representation from municipalities. Much of the day-to-day work undertaken by OWWA is through committees made up of OWWA member volunteers. For example, I am the liaison director for the Cross Connection Control Committee that works on an issue that is a high priority for all municipalities. This committee is comprised of 20 members: four represent educators and are associated with colleges, eight are associated with manufacturers and eight are from municipalities. By showing the questioner these breakdowns, I hope I have demonstrated that by virtue of its membership make-up, OWWA coordinates with municipalities and keeps pace with their priorities. That said, like any good organization OWWA strives for continual improvement and we welcome suggestions from our members on how we can improve any perceived shortcomings.

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WaterISAC – An Essential Part of Your Water or Wastewater Utility’s Security and Emergency Preparedness Toolbox
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