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DEPARTMENT | CALENDAR Events – Fall 2013 SEPTEMBER 12, 2013 WEAO ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT Shawnecki Golf Club Newmarket, ON • For more information contact the WEAO office at (416) 410-6933 SEPTEMBER 1518, 2013 DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS SYMPOSIUM EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS & SECURITY Westin Chicago Northwest Itasca, IL• For more information see www.awwa.org SEPTEMBER 1720, 2013 WESTERN CANADA WATER ANNUAL CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION Edmonton, AB • For more information see www.wcwwa.ca SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 OWWA DISTRIBUTION WORKSHOP Toscana Banquet and Conference Centre, Vaughn ON • For more information contact the OWWA office at (416) 231-1555 or waterinfo@owwa.ca SEPTEMBER 2126, 2013 IWA WORLD WATER CONGRESS & EXHIBITION Lisbon, Portugal • For more information see www.iwahq.org SEPTEMBER 2226, 2013 INTERNATIONAL OZONE ASSOCIATION & IUVA 2013 WORLD Congress & Exhibition Las Vegas, NV • For more information see www.worldcongress2013.org SEPTEMBER 2327, 2013 DURHAM CHILDREN’S GROUNDWATER FESTIVAL Camp Samac Oshawa, ON • For more information see www.cloca.com/gfestival SEPTEMBER 24, 2013 EOMWA EDUCATION DAY Smiths Falls, ON • For more information see www.omwa.org SEPTEMBER 2427, 2013 HALTON’S CHILDREN’S WATER FESTIVAL Kelso Conservation Area, Milton, ON • For more information see www.hcwf.ca SEPTEMBER 2526, 2013 SUDBURY CHILDREN’S WATER FESTIVAL Anderson Farm, Walden, ON • For more information see www.cwec.ca SEPTEMBER 29  OCTOBER 1, 2013 ATLANTIC CANADA SECTION 2013 ANNUAL CONFERENCE Fredericton, NB • For more information see www.acwwa.ca SEPTEMBER 29OCTOBER 3, 2013 GEOMONTREAL 2013 66TH CANADIAN GEOTECHNICAL CONFERENCE Montreal, QC • For more information see www.geomontreal2013.ca SEPTEMBER 30OCTOBER 1, 2013 HALIBURTON  MUSKOKA  KAWARTHA CHILDREN’S WATER FESTIVAL Kinark Outdoor Education Centre, Minden, ON •For more information see www.hmwaterfestival.ca OCTOBER 12, 2013 WESTERN ONTARIO WATER WORKS CONFERENCE Four Points Sheraton London, ON • For more information contact Sharon Bottomley at (519) 755-8636 or sharon.bottomley@sarnia.ca OCTOBER 24, 2013 WATERSMART INNOVATIONS 2013 Las Vegas, NV • For more information see www.watersmartinnovations.com OCTOBER 23, 2013 CHATHAM KENT & LAMBTON CHILDREN’S WATER FESTIVAL C.M. Wilson Conservation Area, Chatham, ON • For more information see www.ckwaterfest.com OCTOBER 3, 2013 OWWA/WEAO JOINT ANNUAL CLIMATE CHANGE SEMINAR ‘TAKING ACTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE’ Toscana Banquet and Conference Centre, Vaughn ON • For more information contact the OWWA office at (416) 231-1555 or waterinfo@owwa.ca 40 | O N T A R I O P I P E L I N E | FALL 2013 http://www.awwa.org http://www.wcwwa.ca http://www.iwahq.org http://www.worldcongress2013.org http://www.cloca.com/gfestival http://www.omwa.org http://www.hcwf.ca http://www.cwec.ca http://www.acwwa.ca http://www.geomontreal2013.ca http://www.hmwaterfestival.ca http://www.watersmartinnovations.com http://www.ckwaterfest.com

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From the Publications Chair
The OWWA Report
The OMWA Report
The OWWEA Report
From Our AWWA Director
Using Social Media to Enhance Water Effi ciency, Public Education and Outreach
Engaging Residents through Social Media
WaterISAC – An Essential Part of Your Water or Wastewater Utility’s Security and Emergency Preparedness Toolbox
Committee Reports
Alliance for Water Effi ciency Helps Municipalities Develop Effective Water Conservation Programs
Don’t Flush … Your Drugs! Keep Our Source Waters Clean
Water Bytes
Water Testing in the Field – Guatemala
Demystifying Prefabricated Valve Chambers
Ask the Board
Certifi cation Corner
Welcome New Members
Calendar of Events
OWWEA Member Listing
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Ontario Pipeline - Fall 2013