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OMWA PRESIDENT’S REPORT Ensuring Sustainability I n 2011, OMWA extended the term of the Executive Officers to two years, which has proven to be a very positive development. Having served my first year as President of OMWA, the exposure to the many initiatives OMWA is involved in on a daily basis has equipped me to move forward in my second year with confidence to meet the changing landscape that our members are dealing with everyday. Having come through a severe recession, every level of government is struggling to balance its budget at the same time as funds are needed to rebuild aging infrastructure. The last few months have seen major storms overtake the present infrastructure, flood city streets and cause massive damages to property. Where is the money going to come from to replace aging infrastructure and also redesign it to meet the new reality caused long term climate change? Following the theme of our very successful joint conference in Ottawa in May 2013, “Uncharted Waters, Exploring New Horizons,” OMWA is doing just that to meet the challenges faced by our members. With the Minister of the Environment, OMWA is exploring governance models that include operation of systems by local distributing companies (LDC), municipal water boards or joint municipal water boards, and neighbouring municipalities as examples of alternatives that could ensure sustainability and affordability by capturing efficiencies and a more focused oversight. By setting up a municipal service board (for example) or entering into a partnership with an LDC for the operation and management of the water systems and other municipal services such as wastewater, the governing board, which would be appointed by the participating municipal councils could result in significant savings which could be used to renew the infrastructure. OMWA also recognizes that for many small and remote water systems, especially in Northern Ontario, stable and consistent provincial funding will remain critical for their sustainability because of the distance between communities. The lack of population would make it difficult to take advantage of alternate models of governance. OMWA, in keeping with its objective of educating its members, is holding two regional conferences this fall, in Smiths Falls, on September 24, 2013 and in Woodstock on October 30, 2013. The program for these conferences addresses issues that are important for mayors and councillors as well as the staff of the municipalities. As well, OMWA is holding its 2nd Annual Drinking Water Leadership Summit at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto from October 16–17, 2013. Details can be found on our website at www.omwa.org I am looking forward to my second term as President of OMWA at an important time in the water industry and to working with all our municipal members, our partners the OWWA, the OWWEA, and the Ministry of the Environment and other associations in the water industry sector to ensure that the people of Ontario continue to have a sustainable supply of clean, safe drinking water. OMWA would also like to thank Glenn Powell for his many years of service in the publication of Ontario Pipeline and wish him all the very best in the future. OMWA is always looking for members to serve on the board and committees. If you are interested volunteering your time and expertise, please contact our Executive Director at any time. He can be contacted at dparker@omwa.org or by calling 1-888-231-1115. 8 | O N T A R I O P I P E L I N E | FALL 2013 KEN GRAHAM President, OMWA FOLLOWING THE THEME OF OUR VERY SUCCESSFUL JOINT CONFERENCE IN OTTAWA IN MAY 2013, “UNCHARTED WATERS, EXPLORING NEW HORIZONS,” OMWA IS DOING JUST THAT TO MEET THE CHALLENGES FACED BY OUR MEMBERS. http://www.omwa.org

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Ontario Pipeline - Fall 2013