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AWWA DIRECTOR'S REPORT An Exciting Time to Be an AWWA Member g reetings Water Professionals, in the blink of an eye the first six months as aWWa Director have passed. i have attended the new director orientation meetings and the aWWa Summer workshop. Both were very enlightening. aWWa has most recently approved the 2016 budget. north american training and global development are very important programs for 2016. in Canada, the water industry will mark a very important event in 2016. Please stay tuned for more information as plans firm up. The Canadian Water Forum in Chicago will be a truly memorable event. the Canadian affairs Committee (CaC) met in october during the CWWa annual water and wastewater conference. this group ensures fair representation for Canadian water issues within aWWa. i can say the group is very well respected by our peers south of the border and has a strong voice. the CaC is developing strategies, to host aWWa events at venues in Canada and to recognize significant contributions from Canadian sources. a significant achievement is the Canadian national Cross Connection program that promotes safety and security for all water users in Canada. the CaC group truly leverages the value of membership for Canadian municipalities and businesses. aWWa is forming a new committee focused on Water reuse. as always, volunteers are the life blood of this association and you all are invited to take part in this committee or any of the many volunteer opportunities on local and national committees. i highly recommend getting involved, developing your skills, meeting new people and having the satisfaction of knowing your contributions are supporting a worthy cause. it is very easy to make your volunteer application and share in "this most exciting time to be an aWWa member" (David LaFrance). Simply go to the oWWa or aWWa website and click on the volunteer button. i recently attended the Past Chairs annual Dinner. this was a first for me. it was a memorable evening meeting some of the oWWa pioneers and chatting about the changes over the years. it is a very distinguished group with many multiple awardees among the ranks. Most notable is rod Holme, a former aWWa President. and to think all this starts with making a choice to become a member. i am looking forward to aCe in Chicago in 2016. i am also looking forward to the board meeting in January at which the incoming aWWa vice presidents will be named and our visiting officer as the aWWa dignitary for our May conference will be identified. in closing, i would like to thank you all for membership in oWWa and thank the many unselfish volunteers that truly make "a better world through better water." RAY MillER SaleS rePreSentatiVe, CloW CanaDa aWWa DireCtor - oWWa I hIghLY RECOMMEND gETTINg INvOLvED, DEvELOPINg YOUR SkILLS, MEETINg NEW PEOPLE AND hAvINg ThE SATISFACTION OF kNOWINg YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS ARE SUPPORTINg A WORThY CAUSE. o n t a r i o p i p E l i n E | Winter 2015 | 11

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Dual Water/Wastewater Plants: Challenges & Benefits
A Review of Urban Stormwater Runoff Impacts and Controls Regarding Drinking Water
Is Municipal Water Reuse in Ontario Feasible?
Managing Drinking Water Quality in Ontario: A Proactive and Preventative Approach
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Book Review: Down the Drain: How We Are Failing to Protect Our Water Resources
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Ontario Pipeline - Winter 2015