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FEATURE | ONE WATER ManagIng DrInkIng WaTer QualITy In OnTarIO: a proactIve and preventatIve approach BY CHRiSTOpHER MAnninG, pMp, MiniSTRY Of THE EnViROnMEnT AnD CliMATE CHAnGE O ThE MINISTRY OF ThE ENvIRONMENT AND CLIMATE ChANgE IS COMMITTED TO REvIEWINg ThE STANDARD TO ENSURE ThE REQUIREMENTS REMAIN CLEAR AND APPLICABLE TO ALL TYPES OF MUNICIPAL RESIDENTIAL DRINkINg WATER SYSTEMS. 26 | o n t a r i o p i p E l i n E | Winter 2015 ntario is a diverse province, with many different communities served by different types of drinking water systems. the owners and operators of these drinking water systems are responsible for ensuring that the water ontarians drink is safe and of the highest quality. ontario's Drinking Water Quality Management Standard promotes a proactive and preventative approach to protecting drinking water. it applies to owners and operating authorities for all municipal residential drinking water systems including treatment, transmission and/or distribution. the Standard ensures drinking water system owners and operating authorities take a holistic approach to evaluating the operation of their system and creating sustainable practices, policies and procedures. it also ensures system owners identify risks to their drinking water system and provides them with valuable tools for planning and responding to common fluctuations in their system. Quality management is a key component of this approach. Many drinking water system owners and operating authorities are now seeing the direct benefits of implementing a quality management system including: * improved documentation and records control * * * * identification of operational efficiencies effective management of risks enhanced staff knowledge improved public awareness of their commitment to providing safe drinking water How the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard was Developed the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard was developed to address the Walkerton inquiry report recommendation to incorporate the concepts of quality management into the operation of drinking water systems: "the purpose of the quality management approach in the context of drinking water is to protect public health by achieving consistent good practice in managing and operating a water system. the hallmarks of this approach include: * the adoption of best practices and continual improvement; * "real time" process control (e.g. the continuous monitoring of turbidity, chlorine residual, and disinfectant contact time) wherever feasible; * the effective operation of robust multiple barriers to protect public health; * preventative rather than strictly reactive strategies to identify and manage risks to public health; * and effective leadership."

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Managing Drinking Water Quality in Ontario: A Proactive and Preventative Approach
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Ontario Pipeline - Winter 2015