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FEATURE | OMWA sTayIng CurrenT On WATER ISSUES B BY iAn CHADWiCk, COMMUniCATiOnS COORDinATOR, OMWA ecause water touches all aspects of our lives, it is important for everyone involved in the water industry to stay abreast of the broad array of issues that affect it. Whether they are political, technical or environmental, they all present opportunities and challenges to all levels of municipal water treatment, distribution and management. thanks to email, the internet and social media, it is easier today to get access to information about trends, technologies and policy shifts that may affect us. However, the downside is that the vast bulk of data online comes to us generally unfiltered. Sorting through the content to find what's relevant is often tedious and time-consuming. this is why oMWa has launched its e-NEWS WireScan. three times a week, we scan the stories for you, and sort them into several categories for easier reading. We provide a headline and a short synopsis, and send them to you in an email. We are keeping track of several trends that have emerged over the past few months. these issues are affecting or will affect our members in the near future. again, thanks to the internet, these trends often start small, but can grow quickly as more people share them. Better to be prepared for them now, before they become critical. among the trends we're following and reporting on are: Stormwater fees or property charges: Several Canadian and american municipalities have implemented stormwater fees to help recover costs for infrastructure, but how they are calculated varies with each instance. as expected, property owners have protested and in some cases even taken the municipalities to court over the charges. Stormwater management and its financing have become public issues as a result. Microbeads: tiny plastic particles used in cosmetics and soaps are too small to be caught by most water treatment systems, and easily work their way into the environment. Studies are now showing how ubiquitous they are, and the damage they are causing. Canada is looking into banning them, as are several u.S. states. flushable wipes: the so-called flushable wipes have proven to be anything but. in fact, they are causing significant problems in wastewater facilities worldwide, because they don't break down but instead clog filters and pumps. efforts are being made to get manufacturers to change the labelling of products, or even change their products entirely. the public needs to be warned about the potential harm the products cause when flushed. Energy self-sufficiency: Many wastewater treatment plants around the world are harnessing their biogas to produce energy to help run the plants. numerous A valued partner that always delivers BARRIE 88 Morrow Rd Tel: (705) 726-6775 Fax: (705) 726-7790 KINGSTON 75 Harvey St Tel: (613) 217-8082 Fax: (613) 546-5205 LONDON 760 Little Simcoe St Tel: (519) 963-1004 Fax: (519) 963-1007 PETERBOROUGH 4-665 Neal Dr Tel: (705) 760-3703 Fax: (705) 740-9480 HAMILTON 123 Dartnall Rd Tel: (905) 388-3566 Fax: (905) 388-8391 KITCHENER 68 Webster Street Tel: (519) 741-4044 Fax: (519) 741-9135 OTTAWA 2474 Leitrim Rd Tel: (613) 822-3444 Fax: (613) 822-5396 VAUGHAN 635 Westburne Dr Tel: (416) 635-7822 Fax: (905) 879-0058 Wolseley Waterworks is the leading national distributor for the heavy construction industry. To find out more about Wolseley, visit us at www.wolseleyinc.ca 28767336_Wolseley.indd | o n t a r i o p1i p E l i n E | Winter 2015 9/14/15 7:04 PM http://www.wolseleyinc.ca http://www.wolseleyinc.ca

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Managing Drinking Water Quality in Ontario: A Proactive and Preventative Approach
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