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DEPARTMENT | CALENDAR Events - Winter 2016 JAnUARY 25-28, 2016 2016 inTERnATiOnAl SYMpOSiUMS - pOTABlE REUSE & BiOlOGiCAl TREATMEnT long Beach, Ca For more information see www.awwa.org JAnUARY 31- fEBRUARY 3, 2016 iWA WATER lOSS COnfEREnCE "WATER lOSS 2016" the lalit ashok, Bengaluru india For more information see www.waterloss2016.com fEBRUARY 1-5, 2016 AWWA & AMTA 2016 MEMBRAnE TECHnOlOGY COnfEREnCE & ExpOSiTiOn San antonio, tX For more information see www.awwa.org fEBRUARY 9-11, 2016 DiSTRiBUTECH COnfEREnCE & ExpOSiTiOn "focused on the future" Orange County Convention Centre Orlando, FL For more information see www.distributech.com fEBRUARY 24-25, 2016 AWWA & WEf UTiliTY MAnAGEMEnT COnfEREnCE San Diego, Ca For more information see www.awwa.org fEBRUARY 24-25, 2016 49TH inTERnATiOnAl COnfEREnCE On WATER MAnAGEMEnT MODElinG toronto, on For more information see www.chiwater.com MARCH 2, 2016 OWWA SOURCE WATER pROTECTiOn SEMinAR "Challenges, Wins and Early insights from implementing Source Water" toscana Banquet and Conference Centre, Vaughan, on For more information contact the OWWa office at (416) 231-1555 or waterinfo@owwa.ca MARCH 7-10, 2016 AWWA 2016 SUSTAinABlE WATER MAnAGEMEnT COnfEREnCE Providence, ri For more information see www.awwa.org MARCH 8-10, 2016 CGA 811 ExCAVATiOn SAfETY COnfEREnCE & ExpOSiTiOn las Vegas, nV For more information see www.cgaconference.com MARCH 14-17, 2016 WQA AQUATECH USA 2016 nashville, tn For more information see www.wga.org MARCH 15-16, 2016 AWWA WATER lOSS SEMinAR - BEST pRACTiCE WATER AUDiTS AnD lOSS COnTROl pROGRAMS Bethlehem, Pa For more information see www.awwa.org MARCH 17-19, 2016 AMERiCAnA 20TH AnniVERSARY 'SHARinG innOVATiOn' Montreal, QC For more information see www.americana.org ApRil 5, 2016 OWWA CERTifiCATiOn & EDUCATiOn SEMinAR For more information contact the OWWa office at (416) 231-1555 or waterinfo@owwa.ca ApRil 10-12, 2016 2016 WEAO TECHniCAl SYMpOSiUM & OpCEA ExHiBiTiOn Scotiabank Convention Centre Niagara Falls, ON For more information see www.weao.org ApRil 24-27, 2016 nGWA GROUnDWATER SUMMiT 2016 Denver, Co For more information see www.groundwatersummit.org o n t a r i o p i p E l i n E | Winter 2015 | 41 http://www.awwa.org http://www.waterloss.com http://www.awwa.org http://www.distributech.com http://www.awwa.org http://www.chiwater.com http://www.awwa.org http://www.cgaconference.com http://www.wga.org http://www.awwa.org http://www.americana.org http://www.weao.org http://www.groundwatersummit.org

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Ontario Pipeline - Winter 2015

From the Publications Chair
The OWWA Report
The OMWA Report
The OWWEA Report
From Our AWWA Director
Dual Water/Wastewater Plants: Challenges & Benefits
A Review of Urban Stormwater Runoff Impacts and Controls Regarding Drinking Water
Is Municipal Water Reuse in Ontario Feasible?
Managing Drinking Water Quality in Ontario: A Proactive and Preventative Approach
Staying Current on Water Issues
Book Review: Down the Drain: How We Are Failing to Protect Our Water Resources
Committee Reports
Certification Corner
Welcome New Members
Calendar of Events
OWWEA Member Listing
OWWEA Member News
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Ontario Pipeline - Winter 2015