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FROM ThE PUBLICATIONS ChAIR Making a Difference 2 015: one water, three very different organizations. oWWa, oMWa, oWWea with three different points of view with one thing in common, working together to make this industry the best it can be. there was lots of passion in putting together this "one Water" themed issue of Ontario Pipeline magazine! i have immense admiration for our committee members who want to make sure that the articles are the best they can be. as we continuously stress in each issue, we are asked to get involved, to participate, to stay current and to make a difference. i encourage you to participate in our industry events throughout the year and make a difference. look outside the box and go to an event you have never participated in before. i don't know about you, but the older i get, the more i realize how much more there is to learn and how much we can learn from one another. Volunteering is rewarding in itself but being part of the water community is what it really is all about. i attended the Young Professionals Fall Meet and greet and can't begin to say how refreshing it was to listen to their stories. it was touching to meet so many of them who want to make a difference. i encourage all of you to come out to these events and help support our young Professionals. Participating in their events allows them to feel like they are part of our water community. they are our future and need our guidance and leadership. For 2016, please help make a difference by becoming a volunteer, participate in events, come to our annual conference in Windsor and if you can, join us for golf and fundraising for a great cause, Water for People. We are not like any other industry. our employers understand that our association is run by volunteers. they allow us to dedicate our time, which is often on their dime. they help us to make a difference. in closing, i wish to give thanks in particular to my employer runnalls industries and to all our members' employers. We want them to know that without them, we would not be able to accomplish what we have and continue going forward to bigger and better things had we not had their support. i look forward to seeing more of our members volunteering and participating in 2016. Happy Holidays and Happy new year! 6 | o n t a r i o p i p E l i n E | Winter 2015 linDA COOkE BuSineSS DeVeloPMent ManaGer runnallS inDuStrieS CHair, oWWa PuBliCationS CoMMittee DireCtor, oWWea Citizen rePreSentatiVe, Joint MuniCiPal reGional WaSte ManaGeMent aDViSory CoMMittee, REgiONaL MuNiCiPaLiTY OF HaLTON I ATTENDED ThE YOUNg PROFESSIONALS FALL MEET AND gREET AND CAN'T BEgIN TO SAY hOW REFREShINg IT WAS TO LISTEN TO ThEIR STORIES.

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From the Publications Chair
The OWWA Report
The OMWA Report
The OWWEA Report
From Our AWWA Director
Dual Water/Wastewater Plants: Challenges & Benefits
A Review of Urban Stormwater Runoff Impacts and Controls Regarding Drinking Water
Is Municipal Water Reuse in Ontario Feasible?
Managing Drinking Water Quality in Ontario: A Proactive and Preventative Approach
Staying Current on Water Issues
Book Review: Down the Drain: How We Are Failing to Protect Our Water Resources
Committee Reports
Certification Corner
Welcome New Members
Calendar of Events
OWWEA Member Listing
OWWEA Member News
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Ontario Pipeline - Winter 2015