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OWWA PRESIDENT'S REPORT Wednesday Morning, 3 a.m. ithin the first week of taking the role of managing the two plants that provide water to the City of london and a number of other area municipalities, i got "the call." a large pool of water was forming in front of the lake Huron plant, the result of a transmission main break, literally at our doorstep. the ninety minute drive to the plant gave me time to contemplate what horror i would face on arrival. it was all that and more. Water had risen up to the first floor level, coming in the front door, and it had easily found its way into the lower level, flooding electrical, control and communications equipment. But what i did not find was panic. the operators had calmly followed emergency procedures. Step by step, operations and water supply were returned to normal. the next week on another transmission main, and occasionally punctuating my tenure, similar scenarios played out. i already respected the role of operators, but this demonstration of grace under fire caused that respect to grow, made me reflect on the incredible responsibility that they have and their need to make critical decisions that can impact public safety on a daily basis. in particular, i thought about that lone lake Huron plant operator at the control panel in the early morning hours, overseeing the water supply to hundreds of thousands, realizing what was unfolding and taking the right actions. in a related matter, i continue to advocate for the wider implementation of lone operator or "man-down" systems to automatically alarm of an operator in distress, without their need to activate. Having been a consultant, then in operations, now in a municipality, i have come to appreciate from several perspectives the need to have operators involved not only in their daily hands-on role, but at every step of water supply. operators don't just understand the plant, they know the plant. it is critical that operators are involved with the design and construction process. this was clear as a consultant, as it was evident that design and subsequent operations of a completed project were improved with the knowledge that operators brought to the process. We need to engage operators in a meaningful way, emphasize their role in the bigger picture and learn from their experience. our annual conference and seminars are good opportunities to do this. i look forward to their ongoing and increased participation and their feedback on how we can better meet their needs. From the OWWa Board: we are actively updating our human resources policies and standard operating procedures. Planning for the 2016 Conference and tradeshow continues, and your early registration is encouraged. With our oMWa partner, we continue to engage the MoeCC in several critical initiatives, including their working group on the role of the overall responsible operator. after our Committee orientation in September, a funding model for seminars has been rolled out through the efforts of the Sustainability Committee to assist in planning for those events. GARY HOUGHTOn MaNagER OF ENgiNEERiNg, NORFOLK COuNTY PreSiDent, oWWa I hAvE COME TO APPRECIATE FROM SEvERAL PERSPECTIvES ThE NEED TO hAvE OPERATORS INvOLvED NOT ONLY IN ThEIR DAILY hANDS-ON ROLE, BUT AT EvERY STEP OF WATER SUPPLY. o n t a r i o p i p E l i n E | Winter 2015 | 7

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