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OMWA PRESIDENT'S REPORT Successful Ventures s i approach the end of my two-year tenure as President of the ontario Municipal Water association, i look back at our collective accomplishments during this time and feel grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of them. During this time we saw the development and implementation of the association's new Strategic Plan which refocuses and aligns the activities of the association within the collective water, wastewater and stormwater resource sector under a "one water" framework. We engaged with various Ministries of the Province of ontario in undertaking policy and programlevel improvements on behalf of our membership, and a closer alignment and partnership with various associations and stakeholders. We also saw the end of eras with the passing of Don Black in February 2014, the retirement in June 2014 of Doug Parker as the executive Director for the oMWa, the hiring of ed Houghton as the new executive Director for the association, and the approval and start of the implementation of the association's new Strategic Plan in 2015. the association has worked on and participated in such initiatives as the clarification and updates to legislation related to water and wastewater operator certification, and Financial Sustainability for water systems. as we collectively move forward, the association is working on a number of provincial policy and program initiatives which will benefit our members; the improvement of policies and coordination of legislation related to regulated water systems versus "plumbing," developing initiatives related to supporting First Nations in the provision of safe drinking water, the ongoing and future roles of Source Protection Committees in land-use and source protection planning, and the provision of enhanced training and information for Municipal Councils and senior administration in the governance and administration of water resources. as my tenure comes to a close at the annual General Meeting of our association on May 2, 2016 at ontario's Water Conference & trade Show at Caesars Windsor, i'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Directors of the oMWa and express my gratitude for allowing me to serve you as your President these past two years. i look forward to seeing everyone again at the ontario's Water Conference and trade Show on May 1 to 3 in Windsor; a joint conference and trade show in partnership between the oMWa, the oWWa and the oWWea. this year's conference is shaping up to be yet another successful venture in bringing leading-edge information and education to our collective membership. Congratulations to the membership of ontario Municipal Water association and its Board of Directors on yet another successful year and i look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together in the future. The Ontario Municipal Water Association continues to strive to be The Voice of Ontario's public Water Authorities, representing municipalities and municipallyowned water systems across Ontario. On behalf of our municipal members, we look to develop and implement long-term drinking water, wastewater and stormwater policies and programs for the benefit of the greater public, strive to ensure sustainable water-related utilities in Ontario, and address our most-pressing issues that we face in the water resource sector. 8 | o n t a r i o p i p E l i n E | Winter 2015 AnDREW HEnRY DiViSion ManaGer, laKe Huron & elGin area PriMary Water SuPPly SySteMS PreSiDent, oMWa AS WE COLLECTIvELY MOvE FORWARD, ThE ASSOCIATION IS WORkINg ON A NUMBER OF PROvINCIAL POLICY AND PROgRAM INITIATIvES WhICh WILL BENEFIT OUR MEMBERS.

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Managing Drinking Water Quality in Ontario: A Proactive and Preventative Approach
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