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president's message Dear IPAA Members: MAGAZINE IPAA ACCESS Visit the digital version of IPAA Access for interactive features! FOSSIL FUEL DIVESTMENT CAMPAIGN IPAA Litigation Targets Costly Regulations ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES Oil Exports Gain Traction on Capitol Hill RUNNING INTO RESISTANCE Check it out at: www.naylornetwork.com/paa-nxt IPAA EVENTS: WWW.IPAA.ORG NAPE Summit OGIS NEWYORK Congressional Call Up Wildcatters' Ball IPAA Offshore Committee Meeting Wildcatters' Open THE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE OF THE INDEPENDENT PETROLEUM ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA SUMMER 2015 IPAA is proud to continue IPAA Access TV. This video series features interviews with industry insiders, relevant news, commentary from IPAA board members and staffers, as well as an in-depth look at the ongoing activities that IPAA is undertaking on your behalf. Be sure to visit www.videos.ipaa.org for the most up-to-date videos and to view cataloged content. IPAA ACCESS MAGAZINE Summer 2015 Barry Russell President and CEO IPAACCESS IPAA Access TV 10 improve services, enhance academic programs, and provide scholarships to students. This summer issue of IPAA Access also provides an update on our litigation efforts, as well as the federal government's increased use of investigations and enforcements. And of course, we cover all the meetings and networking events that have taken place in the first half of 2015. These activities are only possible thanks to the contributions of IPAA members. On behalf of the IPAA board and voluntary leadership, I thank you for your continued financial support and involvement. Sincerely, www.ipaa.org SUMMER 2015 In 2015, we continue to celebrate IPAA's 85 th anniversary. In 1929, a small group of determined independent producers gathered in Colorado Springs and created what is now an association of thousands of companies and individuals dedicated to the health of America's oil and natural gas industry. IPAA's mission endures today: The Independent Petroleum Association of America is dedicated to ensuring a strong, viable domestic oil and natural gas industry, recognizing that an adequate and secure supply of energy is essential to the national economy. Some of our advocacy issues have spanned the years. We continue to fight for a tax code that encourages domestic production. And some of our priorities have recently emerged, such as ending the ban on crude oil exports. As you'll see in this issue of IPAA Access, we continue to connect our members with key policymakers in Washington (Congressional Call-Up, page 36). Some of our advocacy issues have spanned the years. We continue to fight for a tax code that encourages domestic production. And some of our priorities have recently emerged, such as ending the ban on crude oil exports Meanwhile, new opponents of oil-and-gas development are attacking the industry by waging symbolic campaigns aimed at forcing colleges and universities to divest their endowments of fossil-fuel related stocks. And that's why IPAA has launched DivestmentFacts.com, a new website campaign that explains how divestment is misguided. IPAA's Jeff Eshelman explains the importance of this issue in the article, "Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Running into Resistance on College Campuses." New research commissioned by IPAA and produced by Compass Lexecon, a leading economic consulting firm, suggests the costs associated with adopting such policies are likely to be enormous, resulting in the displacement of billions annually from school endowments that could be otherwise used to http://www.DivestmentFacts.com http://www.naylornetwork.com/paa-nxt http://www.ipaa.org http://videos.ipaa.org/home

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President's Message
Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Running Into Resistance on College Campuses
IPAA Litigation Targets Costly Regulations
Oil Exports Gain Traction on Capitol Hill
Workplace Safety
NAPE Summit
Congressional Call Up
IPAA Offshore Committee Meeting
OGIS New York
Wildcatters' Ball
Wildcatters' Open
Private Capital Conference
Upcoming Events
New Members
Thank You to the 2015 IPAA Chairman's Club
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IPAA Access - Summer 2015