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cover story FOSSIL FUEL DIVESTMENT CAMPAIGN RUNNING INTO RESISTANCE ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES By Jeff Eshelman, IPAA Senior Vice President of Operations and Public Affairs BEGINNING IN 2012, NATIONAL ANTI-FOSSIL FUEL GROUPS - LOOKING w FOR A WAY TO INCREASE ATTENTION AROUND THE ISSUE OF CLIMATE CHANGE - LAUNCHED A CAMPAIGN TO ENCOURAGE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO DIVEST THEIR ENDOWMENTS FROM FOSSIL FUEL INVESTMENTS. WHILE THESE GROUPS SAW DIVESTMENT AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO RECRUIT AND MOBILIZE COLLEGE STUDENTS TO "STIGMATIZE THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY" AND ENHANCE THEIR ANTI-FOSSIL FUEL AGENDA, THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN FAR FROM WHAT THEY HOPED. Where Things Stand Today Leaders of the divestment campaign, including 350.org leader Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein, author of End of Capitalism, claim that divestment is the largest grassroots campaign in history. Writing in Rolling Stone in February 2013, McKibben argues that the effort had already proven a success, having "suddenly become the largest student movement in decades." A month later, McKibben released a YouTube video characterizing the campaign as "the greatest fight that human beings have ever had to engage in," adding that it had spread "across America's college campuses like nothing in a quarter century." In reality, the numbers tell a vastly different story. While McKibben and his followers have been able to stir up their fair share of media attention, they can only claim tangible success at a dozen of small colleges, mostly in the Northeast-a region of the country that is Continued on page 18 16 IPAA ACCESS MAGAZINE Summer 2015 http://www.350.org

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