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BLM has never made a compelling
case for the necessity of such
a broad-sweeping nationwide
rule and failed to identify any
insufficient state regulations
policing hydraulic fracturing.

a nationwide rule of this nature would
bring to our members, should it ever
be implemented. Capitalizing on an
opportunity to have our input considered
with an administration that understands
the economic and job-creating benefits
of our industry cannot be brushed
aside or ignored. IPAA intends to take
full advantage of the invitation to work
with the new administration and ensure
the voices of America's independent
producers are heard. ●

EnergyNet made a highly
successful sale a reality
for us and at a price that
exceeded our expectations.
We are extremely pleased
we chose EnergyNet
as our broker.



and environmental groups filed an
appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals
for the Tenth Circuit, rebooting the
process for IPAA to defend our position
anew. Appellate briefs were submitted,
hearings were scheduled, cancelled,
then rescheduled, and the November
2016 Presidential Election brought a
new White House administration with
stark contrast towards America's
job- and revenue-creating energy
industry than the previous one. President
Donald Trump, and likewise, his Interior
Secretary Ryan Zinke, has vowed to
work with the energy industry to ensure
safe and responsible production would
continue to provide an economic bright
spot for our economy.
Just within the last seven months
alone, the Trump administration has
carefully taken many strides to improve
the regulatory structure and rollback
some of the burdensome regulations
from the Obama administration. In
March of this year, President Trump
issued an executive order requiring
federal agencies to identify regulations
that are ripe for review to suspend,
revise or rescind completely. The
content of the BLM hydraulic fracturing
rule is consistent with the goals of
the President's executive order and
was mentioned by name for review
and consideration.
Since then, the Tenth Circuit Court has
reached out to the new administration
to better understand its position on the
BLM hydraulic fracturing regulation.
Fortunately for industry, the Trump
administration does not align itself
with the position of the previous
administration and communicated to the
Court that it intends to undergo a new
notice-and-comment rulemaking to start
over on this issue. It will be important
for IPAA and our member companies to

weigh-in with the new administration
on how this burdensome rule could be
improved upon and finalized to avoid
regulatory issues down the road with
future administrations.
While the appeals court case is still
ongoing, IPAA firmly stands by the
underlying merits of our legal challenge
and we are prepared to make those
arguments before the courts. IPAA has
always been forward-thinking about the
long-term challenges and implications

Trusted A&D Advisor



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