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feature Cold Season Planning Preparedness: From Supply to Delivery By Anthony Cadorin, Giao Tran, Antony Davison and Orlando Otero hile many escape winter by coming to Mesa, Arizona, for our world-class golf, sightseeing, and other outdoor activities, the natural gas distribution utility employees from the City of Mesa's Energy Resources Departments are busy preparing our system for swings in demand of 300 percent over the course of our winter months. Although a more tempered climate than many systems, Mesa does experience freezing temperatures and when they happen, our customers count on reliable natural gas service to warm their homes, cook their holiday dinners, and keep their businesses operating and productive. An official cold season preparation program serves to verify that the communication processes are in place to react quickly during cold weather events. Mesa's natural gas utility uses a systematic approach for cold season preparation that involves looking at requirements and potential issues from supply to delivery. Supply and Transportation Prior to the cold season, we arrange meetings with our natural gas supplier, scheduling and balancing agent, 20 THE SOURCE | THE vOiCE and CHOiCE Of pUbliC gaS and our pipeline in order to set expectations for the upcoming season. When cold weather events happen, reaction time and therefore communication is critical to minimizing the potential for penalty situations. If a weather event does happen, digging through old emails to find your agent's cell phone number could result in penalties or missed

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A Friendly Business Partnership of Two of the Nation’s Largest Utilities Can Benefit the Natural Gas Industry
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Cold Season Planning Preparedness: From Supply to Delivery
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