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Furnace Rule Update
Energy (DOE) appliance efficiency rulemaking front. APGA
continues to await action on a proposed DOE commercial
boiler rule as well as on a Supplemental Notice of Proposed
Rulemaking proposing new efficiency standards for natural
gas furnaces.

DOE did send out a Request for
Information (RFI) on reducing regulation
and controlling regulatory costs. APGA
submitted comments in response to the
RFI which addressed a number of issues
that have come out of the challenges
we have faced in recent DOE appliance
efficiency rulemakings, such as the
furnace rule. Among other things, APGA's
comments communicated that the Office
of Energy Efficiency and Renewable
Energy's orientation has created a bias
against natural gas appliances and
therefore appliance standard outcomes
would be improved if there was a
separation of the appliance standards
obligations of DOE into its own office.
APGA's comments also addressed a
number of process reforms we have
communicated in the past, such as the
need for greater transparency and that test
procedures must be completed prior to
DOE moving forward with a new efficiency
standard. The comments also raised the
issue of DOE modeling, communicating
that the models created by DOE to
justify efficiency standards have grown
excessively complex, impenetrable, as
well as costly. APGA urged DOE to utilize
a more simplified approach to evaluating
existing minimum efficiency standards and
for setting new ones. A more simplified
and straightforward approach would lower
the cost of DOE's regulations as well as the
burden on industry and consumers.

One of the areas that DOE has
focused its recent attention on is the
electric grid. In August, DOE released
a Staff Report to the Secretary on
Electricity Markets and Reliability, which
focuses on the reliability of the electricity
grid. The study was initiated in April by
a memo from Secretary Perry warning
that coal and nuclear plants were
being undermined by environmental
regulation and "market-distorting effects
of federal subsidies that boost one form
of energy at the expense of others." 
While the report is focused on the
electricity grid, the report did address
natural gas in several areas including
the impact the low price natural gas has
had on the displacement of coal in many
of the nation's markets and the need
for increased coordination between
the electric and natural gas industries
to address potential reliability and
resilience concerns.
In response to the study release,
APGA issued a statement commending
DOE for their efforts towards enhancing
our energy reliability and security. The
statement also communicated that
"greater access to natural gas service
would provide relief for our congested
electrical infrastructure and improve the
diversity and reliability of our energy
network, while offering resiliency and
lowering homeowners' and businesses'
energy costs." APGA also communicated

that natural gas appliances free up
critical capacity and increase flexibility
for the electric grid all while reducing
emissions and costs. Lastly, APGA stated
that by providing more U.S. homes and
businesses direct access to natural gas,
the direct use of natural gas can and
will play a central role in improving
the reliability and affordability of the
energy network.
Congress has also focused its
attention on the electric grid with
the House Energy and Commerce
Subcommittee on Energy holding a
hearing on electric grid reliability and
challenges facing the electric industry.
APGA submitted testimony to the
hearing that communicated similar
arguments to those raised in our press
statement on the grid reliability study.
The testimony communicated the
significant role the direct use of natural
gas can play in: providing low-cost
energy to consumers; reducing the
strain on the electricity grid; and
enhancing our overall energy system
resiliency. The testimony also stated that
"the direct use of natural gas is highly
efficient with a production and delivery
system that provides over 90 percent of
the source energy to the point of use."
The testimony further urged Congress to
embrace the direct use of natural gas as
part of our energy future given the many
benefits that it provides.  
APGA's Direct Use Task Group
(DUTG) continues to be engaged on
the issues mentioned above as well
as other direct use related activities.
The DUTG Communications Team had
a meeting on November 15 in Atlanta
to discuss the development of a key
messages campaign. The DUTG also
met in Washington, D.C., on December
7, to discuss ongoing activities
and the development of an action
plan for 2018.



here continues to be little action on the Department of



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