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* Conversation with an APGA Member continued from page 17

* Strategic Planning continued from page 15

In the third breakout session for Action Plans,
the participants divided into five breakout groups:
o Advocacy (Direct-use and pro-natural
gas agenda)
o Operations & Safety
o Communication and Education
o Partnerships and Alliances (Leveraging
resources by working with other
associations), and
o Marketing (Strategies for growth and
The groups focused on brainstorming ideas
and initiatives that APGA and its members can
undertake on these priority topics. The output
from these breakouts will be provided to the
APGA committees so they develop Action Plans
for 2018-2020.
Next Steps. As we consider the next stages
of this process, our Three-Year Budget Task
Group and our Three-Year Dues Task Group will
review and consider timelines and begin making
recommendations through the committee process
and the APGA Board of Directors. The APGA
Board of Directors and all committees received
a strategic planning update in January, and from
now through the spring our entire organization,
through Board and committee work, will develop
action plans for all areas addressed. We anticipate
action items to be submitted and approved during
the May 2018 board meeting, and I look forward to
this time of full engagement with our membership
during the process.

level employees and supervision. By following these plans, employees are
able to help steer their career path, and have a sense of ownership in their
What is your system's relationship with customers? How important is
customer service?
One of our utility's most important core values is to deliver customer service
in a responsive, reliable and knowledgeable manner. Like most gas utilities, our
products and services are not mandated, but are a choice. This makes customer
satisfaction extremely important to us. We promote a strong customer focus
and advance our relationships by listening to and understanding our customers.
Customer service is a top priority and providing this service is the responsibility
of every employee. Knowing our customers is integral to an ongoing
understanding of their current and future needs. Meeting those needs requires
a relationship founded in trust and built on consistency and dependability.
Web-based customer surveys indicate a 99 percent overall positive rating
for our utility, and we continually strive to keep customer engagement at the
forefront of all our activities. Additionally, we follow-up with each new gas
customer six months after installation, thanking them for their business and
asking them to complete a survey. Responses indicate customer product and
service satisfaction is high, with 99 percent of these customers stating they
would definitely recommend gas to their friends and neighbors.
What federal advocacy issues most impact your utility on a frequent basis?
We are most affected by increasing regulatory requirements that impact us
financially - a cost that ultimately impacts our customers and overall business.
The support provided by APGA in facilitating understanding of, and compliance
with, the excess flow valve rule was invaluable to our compliance program. Also
of concern to our utility is that natural gas receives a fair comparison with other
energy sources at the state federal levels. That is why we support and are active
in APGA's Direct Use Task Group.

* NGSA's Winter Natural Gas Outlook Projects Record Demand continued from page 19
expects neutral price pressure on the
natural gas market in winter 2017-2018
compared to last winter's unusually
low wholesale natural gas prices of
$3.01 per MMBtu. All in all, the picture
that emerged for the upcoming winter

is one of a flexible natural gas market
that is able to respond to changes in
weather and customer demand with
ample supply and full storage facilities.
The important takeaway is the strength
and responsiveness of natural gas

supply and the flexibility of the natural
gas pipeline system, positioning the
industry to meet record demand from
consumers with winter.
NOTE: The association relied
on the winter forecast from the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration, economic data
from IHS Economics and a detailed
analysis of supply and demand
from Energy Ventures Analysis,
Inc. For more information, please
The Natural Gas Supply Association
represents the major independent and
integrated producers and marketers of
natural gas in the United States. Founded
in 1965, NGSA is the only Washington,
D.C.-based association that solely focuses
on producer/marketer issues related to the
downstream natural gas industry.

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First Person
APGA Events
Disasters Bring Challenges and Opportunities
Furnace Rule Update
APGA Strategic Planning
Conversation with an APGA member: Tallahassee
NGSA’s Winter Natural Gas Outlook Projects Record Demand, Matched by Robust Storage and Production
Promoting Gas Market Growth
New White Paper Offers Guidance to Natural Gas Utilities on Thriving in a Changing Landscape
Legislative Outlook
Marketing Matters
At Last
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