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feature What Is Net Zero? T oday, manufactures are producing appliances that are coming increasingly close to the maximum amount of efficiency possible. It has been said that basic physics is preventing us from producing a higher efficient furnace rather than the company. since we are quickly approaching the maximum efficiency allowed by science for many of the appliances we use today, the only other place to achieve any kind of energy reduction is in the building structure. 22 THE SOURCE | THE vOICE and CHOICE Of pUblIC gaS On the primary energy matrix, natural gas continues to make both an economic as well as an environmental case for its use in these buildings

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Problem Solving
First Person
APGA Events
Q&A with Chairman Bay
Natural Gas: The Fuel of Choice
Volatile Oil Prices
Home-Based Reporting
The Learning Curve
What Is Net Zero?
Legislative Outlook
The Pipeline
Marketing Matters
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THE SOURCE - Summer 2015