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at last I Can Only Imagine As I began to write this article, I started wondering if an update of APGA activities would be appropriate, or perhaps a report on our strategic plan, or some other business topic. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I needed to convey my aspirations for APGA and the gas industry going forward. so, I started to envision what it would be like to work in a pro-gas environment with regulatory and legislative mandates embracing the end-use of natural gas for residential, commercial, industrial, transportation, and other uses. Currently, I can only imagine what it would be like but I know that we would be excited, with a true sense of accomplishment in serving our communities with a clean, affordable, domestic fuel that enhances the quality of life at an affordable price. There would be new jobs created as manufacturing industries return to the u.s., a cleaner environment, improved national security using domestically produced fuel, and a sense of personal security in knowing that natural gas is in abundant supply for generations to come. unfortunately, I can only imagine this scenario because the Department of energy (DOe) recently released a new natural gas efficiency standard that will have an adverse impact on millions of Americans who currently use natural gas to heat their homes. DOe recently released the Pre-Published rulemaking for the energy Conservation standards for residential Furnaces. DOe is proposing a nationwide standard of 92 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFue) for both residential and mobile home furnaces. unfortunately, DOe's new proposed standard will again adversely affect homeowners because the new standards will require all homes, nationwide, to utilize the higher costing condensing furnace. The high initial costs associated with installation and the additional venting requirements will push many residential customers-particularly those in mild climates-to purchase and install potentially less efficient home heating alternatives. APGA is poised once again to fight the DOe battle, but this time with additional support from several parties. Along with new support, APGA is prepared to address this threat through its now fully operational Direct-use Task Group (DTG), which is ready to start working in regulatory and legislative areas. This proposed rule is their first priority. You may recall that the DTG was established to identify and rank specific threats to the direct-use of natural gas, to develop strategies to respond to those threats, and identify needed resources. One resource needed was a lobbyist that could facilitate in promoting and increasing our presence and activity on this very important issue. With the assistance of Bud miller, the Gas Technology Institute, Jennifer schafer, who is our lobbyist, and the chairs and vice-chairs of the marketing and sales Committee, Codes and standards Committee, and regulatory and Legislative subcommittees, I feel APGA membership will be well represented. I feel confident that ms. schafer will be a great help and I was very much impressed with her knowledge of natural gas issues on the regulatory and the legislative fronts. With abundant supply, competitive prices, and an environmental advantage over other fuels, natural gas end-use is ready to gain a larger market share. With those attributes, we are ready to fight the good fight and change DOe's proposed furnace rule. Natural gas end-use does have an advantageous position in the energy picture and we need to capitalize on it. APGA is doing its part at the federal level and we will be asking you to send letters to DOe protesting the implementation of the proposed new furnace rule. This is of the utmost importance to our membership. The best is yet to come, but we must fight for it! APGA is poised once again to fight the DOE battle, but this time with additional support from several parties. All the best, Jose N. Lozano Chairman, APGA, 2014-2015 30 THE SOURCE | THE vOICE and CHOICE Of pUblIC gaS

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