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first person Create Solutions to Maximize Opportunities America's natural gas, with its abundance and affordability, is a national treasure to celebrate. As stewards of this clean domestic treasure, our nation's policymakers, the natural gas industry, and all end-users must demonstrate prudence in our decisions about how we produce, deliver, and ultimately use this incredible fuel resource. To achieve this end, we have no alternative but to continue creating new solutions and innovative answers to maximize this reliable fuel's unlimited possibilities. In contrast to promoting the direct-use of natural gas, recently there was an incredibly disappointing and puzzling move by the u.s. Department of energy (DOe). DOe released its long-awaited notice of proposed rulemaking (NOPr) for natural gas furnace efficiency standards. As APGA feared, the NOPr is hostile to the promotion of the direct-use of natural gas. DOe's proposal would both unfortunately impose unnecessary costs on the American consumer, and decrease overall efficiency as a result of the fuel switching away from the direct-use of natural gas that will occur should this NOPr be implemented. DOe's own analysis, which is buried in a highly complicated and opaque technical document, claims that substantial fuel switching from natural gas to electricity will occur both nationally and, to an even greater degree, in the south at the 92 percent proposed standard. since DOe refuses to treat condensing and non-condensing furnaces as separate product classes, they simply dismissed one reasonable approach to minimize fuel switching. Thus, in the name of fuel efficiency, DOe will drive consumers away from natural gas to electricity, which, on a primary energy basis, is far less efficient than natural gas. APGA strongly disagrees with DOe and their proponents about this NOPr. We are working aggressively to educate policymakers regarding the potential impacts of this rule and pulling together others in the gas industry to oppose this rule in its current format. In september, APGA will host its new Gas equipment and Application Conference (GeAC) in Atlanta, Ga. As the GeAC is the first of its kind for APGA, we are excited about its prospects to fill a void in our industry. The purpose for the event is to grow the end-use of American natural gas. We believe the u.s. is just beginning the century of natural gas (i.e., coal was king in the 19th century, oil in the 20th, and natural gas in the 21st). Our members see a vacuum in this area of bringing together manufacturers, vendors, utilities and end-users. Currently, gas utilities do not have a national level conference with products and exhibits that are focused on emerging natural gas technologies. Our members believe it is vital to bring essential and evolving technology information to the forefront. In this issue of THe sOurCe, the newly appointed Chairman of the Federal energy regulatory Commission, Norman C. Bay, addresses a number of issues important to public natural gas utilities. Chairman Bay will also join us later this summer to be our keynote speaker at APGA's Annual Conference. APGA Chairman Jose Lozano and his wife Linda hope you make plans to join us at the beautiful Omni Interlocken Hotel in Broomfield, Colo., from July 26th through the 29th. The APGA Annual Conference is an opportunity for you to hear directly from policymakers, as well as APGA's leaders and staff. On this year's agenda, in addition to Chairman Bay, we have speakers from both the government and industry who will provide updates on the issues of the day including natural gas supply, gas-electric coordination, pipeline safety, and NGVs. The Omni Interlocken Hotel is a spectacular venue nestled in the foothills of the Great rockies and offers you an opportunity to renew long-time friendships in an atmosphere that encourages both work and pleasure. We hope to see you there! in September, APGA will host its new Gas Equipment and Application Conference (GEAC) in Atlanta, Ga. As the GEAC is the first of its kind for APGA, we are excited about its prospects to fill a void in our industry. sincerey, Bert Kalisch APGA President and CeO THE SOURCE | SUmmER 2015, vOl. 7, ISSUE 4 5

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