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feature Home Fueling For Natural Gas Vehicles H By David Clement ome fueling for natural gas vehicles has been around for a good 20 years in outdoor form; and in 2004, American Honda and Fuelmaker Corporation collaborated on the first residential approved and Canadian standards Association (CsA)-certified indoor fueling unit as a gas appliance. They brought this new unit to the market after field trials in 2006 along with a leasing program spearheaded by Honda in California and New York. Honda eventually rolled out the natural gas Honda Civic nationwide but had trouble with widespread adoption. eventually, American Honda pulled the plug on the joint project and their funding, forcing Fuelmaker into bankruptcy. Fueling systems solutions brought Fuelmaker out of bankruptcy and eventually moved it to their BrC Gas equipment Division creating BrC Fuelmaker. 20 THE SOURCE | THE vOICE and CHOICE Of pUblIC gaS several companies have attempted to bring home fueling to market but have discovered-as Fuelmaker did-that the endeavor is a very expensive and time consuming one to get through the regulatory and certification processes. There are currently 23 distributors for the home fueling units across North America. Interest remains strong, especially where the local government entities have grants or incentives to help with the cost of installing the units at residences. The home fueling units are certified as gas appliances by the CsA, so installation is normally less complicated with the gas appliance rating when applying for building permits. The Home refueling Appliance (HrA) takes the residential supplied gas pressure of a 7-14 inch water column supplied by the gas utility and compresses the gas into the vehicle storage cylinder to an automatically

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