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at last Fighting for the Natural Gas Industry As we approach the end of my term as APGA's chair, it is most appropriate to report on APGA's continuing effort to expand the direct-use of natural gas. This effort is spearheaded by the Direct-use Task Group (DTG), led by Arthur Corbin and composed of the leadership from APGA's board and committees. The DTG continues to fight on two fronts: first, opposing those efforts that will limit or eliminate the direct-use of natural gas; and second, by developing initiatives that encourage the direct-use of natural gas. The DTG's number one fight continues to be with the Department of energy (DOe) and their proposed furnace rulemaking that will eliminate non-condensing furnaces from the marketplace. Although progress is slow on this effort, we hope to achieve an acceptable compromise soon on this critical issue. regarding initiatives that encourage the direct-use of natural gas, the DTG, in conjunction with the marketing and sales Committee, launched a national marketing campaign titled "America's Natural Gas: Look Closer." The campaign highlights the benefits of the direct-use of natural gas, provides a unified message for end-use customers across the country and the policymakers in Washington, D.C. Those in attendance at the recent trio of conferences in savannah, Ga., learned how other APGA members are using the campaign in order to share the best ideas and programs. speaking of the recent trio of conferences, the addition of the Gas Policy Conference to the marketing and sales Trends and Training Conference and the security and Integrity Foundation Operations Conference in savannah was a huge success. All three were very well attended and the keynote speaker, Alex epstein, author of "The moral Case for Fossil Fuels," provided thoughtful commentary on how the use of fossil fuels-including natural gas-has benefitted and continues to benefit society in opposition to those who believe fossil fuels are destroying our planet. I would be remiss if I did not comment on the announcement that our good friend and long-term General Counsel, Bud miller, will be retiring at the end of the year. Bud has served APGA and our members extremely well for more than 35 years! As an attorney, Bud has vast knowledge, skill and expertise in legal matters related to the energy industry. He is an excellent communicator who quickly grasps issues and boils it down for the laymen. He is a tireless advocate for public gas. And he does such with warmth, tact and humility. We thank Bud for his years of outstanding service to APGA, will miss him, and wish him and his wife, shirley, Godspeed on life's journey. It is also worthy to report that when faced with the task of replacing Bud, the executive Committee and the Board of Directors did not take the easy choice to merely continue on with Bud's legal firm, mcCarter & english (m&e). since m&e is an outstanding legal firm with more than 400 attorneys and serves APGA and many of its members extremely well, most would have not faulted us for making the easy decision to continue with m&e. However, the executive Committee and the Board of Directors were elected to do what's right; not what's easy. Therefore, they rolled up their sleeves and took an in-depth look at the pros and cons of an in-house general counsel versus continuing with m&e as our general counsel. I am pleased to report that the final recommendation from the executive Committee to the Board of Directors is to continue with m&e, and I am equally pleased to report that the executive Committee arrived at this recommendation after much hard work. I hope you too will be pleased to know that you have elected dedicated representatives from APGA's member systems to serve on APGA Board of Directors. richard H. "rich" Worsinger Chairman, APGA, 2015-2016 30 THE SOURCE | THE vOICE and CHOICE Of pUblIC gaS

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