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Chairman Walden of the House
Energy and Commerce Committee
epresentative Greg Walden (R-Ore.) represents the people of Oregon's
Second Congressional District, which includes 20 counties in central,
southern, and eastern Oregon. Walden is a lifelong Oregonian and
graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in journalism.
He and his wife, Mylene, make their home in Hood River, Ore., where
they've been small business owners since 1986.
Walden got his start in Washington, D.C.,
after the "Reagan Revolution" of 1980, when
he served as the communications director
on the successful campaign that defeated
Representative Al Ullman, (D-Ore.), a 24-year
incumbent who was chairing the Ways and
Means Committee. Walden went on to serve
as press secretary and chief of staff to the
victor, Oregon Representative Denny Smith
for six years. He moved back home after he
and his wife bought the family radio business.
Two years later, in 1988, he was elected to the
Oregon House of Representatives where he
helped engineer the GOP takeover in 1990
and became the youngest GOP Majority
Leader in Oregon history. In 1995, he was
appointed to fill out the last two years of a
vacant seat in the Oregon State Senate.
Meanwhile, he and his wife expanded
their radio station holdings from two stations
to five. And in 1998 he was elected to the
U.S. House, winning a seat on the Energy
and Commerce Committee in 2001. After the
GOP takeback of the House in 2010, Walden
was tapped to lead the transition team,
which brought about major reforms in the
operations of the House.
Walden is currently the Chairman
of the powerful House Energy and
Commerce Committee, which is the oldest
standing legislative committee in the U.S.
House of Representatives and is vested

with the broadest jurisdiction of any
congressional authorizing committee.
Today, it has responsibility for the nation's
telecommunications, consumer protection,
food and drug safety, public health research,
environmental quality, energy policy,
and interstate and foreign commerce. It
oversees multiple cabinet-level departments
and independent agencies, including the
Departments of Energy, Health and Human
Services, Commerce, and Transportation,
as well as the Environmental Protection
Agency, the Federal Trade Commission, the
Food and Drug Administration, and the
Federal Communications Commission.
Chairman Walden was kind enough to
do a Q&A for APGA on what to expect in the
115th Congress.
1. You have represented the second
district of Oregon since your election in
1998, what particular energy challenges
does your district face?
Access to affordable, reliable energy is
essential for ratepayers and for economic
development. Fortunately, Oregon is
blessed with an abundance of natural
energy resources-from hydro, solar,
geothermal and wind energy to woody
biomass. The biggest energy challenge
we've faced is making sure we have
the secure and adequate infrastructure
necessary to manage the load and to get

power where it's needed. That's why I've
supported investments in the power grid
and changes in law to make it more robust
and secure. As we work on energy efficiency
and conservation efforts, we must also work
to develop clean, geothermal resources,
which can provide reliable base load power.
2. How has the advent of shale gas
benefited your district?
The shale gas revolution has greatly
increased the supply of affordable, reliable
natural gas which we use to produce
lower-cost electricity in Oregon and
around the country. Moreover, lower cost
natural gas has revitalized manufacturing
and strengthened America's energy
independence. While Oregon doesn't have
a shale gas play, I know its development in
many regions of the country has resulted in
thousands of good paying American jobs.
3. How has being a small business
owner shaped your perspective on
national energy policy?
During our two decades in the radio
business, my wife and I worked to upgrade
transmitters and other equipment with
an eye toward energy efficiency. Business
owners keep a close eye on the bottom line,
I know we did. As I approach national energy
policy I start with this question: "What's
in the best interest of the consumer?"
Affordability is essential whether you're a
senior citizen on a fixed income, or a data
center looking to expand. Reliability is
critical for both, as well. New technology
and the Internet of Things brings historic
opportunities to reduce unnecessary power
consumption, but tens of billions of internet
devices connected to the power grid also
opens new doors to bad actors to bring harm
to our energy sector. We need to protect the
grid from attack, encourage development
of energy efficiency technologies and a new
generation of battery storage.


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