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feature Georgia Forms New State Association Several natural gas providers in Georgia saw a need to organize and coordinate efforts to reach consumers, so they took the initiative and formed a state association I n the U.S., natural gas has entered an era of abundant supplies contributing to a predictable future of low, stable natural gas prices for residential and business energy consumers. However, a large number of consumers are not aware of the many comfort and efficiency benefits natural gas appliances offer or the business solutions that the direct-use of natural gas provides. Georgia natural gas providers are taking this challenge on in a very strategic way by communicating with consumers through the newly-formed Natural Gas Association of Georgia. Several Georgia gas providers, each facing the same business issues, began meeting in late 2013 to discuss solutions. Key questions surfaced such as effective strategies to maintain and grow the customer base, adding gas burner tips in the home, and communicating the direct-use of natural gas efficiency message to consumers. Out of these meetings came the idea that by pooling resources and forming an association, the chances of effectively educating and influencing consumer behavior in energy decisions would be greatly improved. The group brought in an attorney in mid-2014 to assist in creating the legal framework for the association. In December 2014, the Natural Gas Association of Georgia was formed for the purpose of promoting the safe, direct-use of natural gas. The three founding member companies are Atlanta Gas Light, Liberty Utilities, and the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia. All participated in the first Board meeting held in January 2015 in which the by-laws were adopted, the officers named, and the first committee established. According to Association Chair & Executive Director, Rodney Dill of the 16 THE SOURCE | THE VOICE AND CHOICE OF PUBLIC GAS Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia, "As natural gas providers, we have come to recognize the need for a clear consumer message when it comes to energy efficiency and the direct-use of natural gas applications. Consumers are hearing the broader, economic benefits of natural gas from the producing community such as jobs, and less U.S. dependence on imported energy supplies. Also, local distribution companies, both municipal and investorowned, are communicating to the consumer important safety messages and specific utility rebate and rate offers. What is missing, however, is a focused strategy and effort to educate the consumer concerning full-fuel-cycle energy efficiency or primary-also known as source-energy efficiency." The work done during the earlier formation meetings made developing the goals of the Natural Gas Association of Georgia a straight-forward process. The goals of the association are centered around reaching and influencing the energy consumer when it comes to issues related to appliance replacement and energy efficiency. This includes helping the energy consumer understand the impacts of primary or source energy efficiency. Since reaching the consumer is critical for success, it became clear that one of the first actions of the association

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