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feature New Management Program for a Growing System D By Kelly Ball, PSD Software on Suarez, General Manager of Pensacola Energy, which is the natural gas provider for the city of Pensacola, Fla., and Escambia County, Fla., recently instituted a new management system that PSD Software was pleased to be part of. Don and his team had been reviewing their customer service, regulatory compliance and maintenance management processes-many of which have evolved over The opportunities: * Streamlined roles and responsibilities for staff * Dashboards created for each of the various user groups to provide concise, relevant information * Integration with the CIS and GIS for the mobile workforce through HiperWeb * Customized mobile service forms for economically capturing relevant information in the field to ensure mandatory information collection * Updated design of leak reporting to ensure maximum compliance decades. "During the review, it became clear that we needed an electronic format to modernize and integrate these processes," said Suarez. The team began looking for a partner that could help facilitate and communicate their progress based on process improvement initiatives. This is where PSD Software from Marietta, Ga., entered the situation. The message from PSD to Pensacola Energy was direct, as were the objectives of the partnership. PSD's HiperWeb portal was a solution that could provide the framework to align those initiatives with the strategic goals and objectives of Pensacola Energy-link planning processes to overall customer service quality-and accurately measure the impact of investment and reporting compliance. Marc Kallaoun, Founder and President of PSD Software, made an initial on-site visit over three days to gather information and assess the merit of a partnership. While Pensacola Energy had good CIS and billing systems in place, Marc found that there were gaps in the current work and asset management system. These gaps included too many existing spreadsheets and not enough real-time and accurate information being communicated to the field. Working with the management team, PSD laid out a roadmap for implementation that began with an in-depth review of all the processes related to customer service, regulatory compliance and maintenance management, and the development of a Fit Analysis of how those processes would be applied in the HiperWeb program. The immediate benefits: * Service orders are closed in the field and communicated immediately to the CIS * Billing is more real-time and workload is balanced at the end of the day * Leak tickets are managed more efficiently * 7,100 data is real-time and accurate * Time spent on sorting and reporting work is greatly reduced Overall results: * Communicating efficiency and effectiveness of available resources * Monitoring and alerting federal and state performance sub-standards * Improvement of compliance reporting * Elevating customer service to excellence During the review, it became clear that we needed an electronic format to modernize and integrate these processes. 28 THE SOURCE | THE VOICE AND CHOICE OF PUBLIC GAS

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