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at last Natural Gas: The Fuel of Freedom As we enter APGA's 54th year, I must say thank you for the honor and privilege of being selected to serve as the Chairman of this truly exceptional organization. APGA is well-known and well-regarded as the advocate for public natural gas by both those who work in and those who regulate the natural gas industry. APGA accomplishes its work with a staff of only 10 along with a host of knowledgeable, selfless member volunteers who dedicate significant time and efforts to advance public natural gas. It is truly an honor and pleasure for the opportunity to work with such fine people. I must also thank Jose Lozano for his leadership of APGA as its Chairman during the last year. Jose provided prudent guidance to the APGA organization in dealing with the substantial challenges the natural gas industry faced and leaves APGA well poised to continue battling its foes. Natural gas is our fuel of freedom. Its abundance in our great country and resulting low cost has freed our customers from the high costs of heating their homes with other fossil fuels. It is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly fossil fuel, thus freeing us from the higher greenhouse gas emissions of other fossil fuels. Its direct-use in our homes and businesses achieves more than 90 percent efficiency, freeing us from less efficient energy delivery methods. Additionally, its use as a motor fuel frees us from our dependence on foreign oil. Just as we fought for our freedom from foreign rule more than 200 years ago, and we fought for the freedom for women to vote, and we fought for the freedom of our civil rights, we must fight for our freedom to use natural gas. We have seen over the last few years that our freedom to use natural gas is under attack. APGA was successful in the fight against the Department of Energy's (DOE) Direct and Final Rulemaking that attempted to set a 90 percent furnace efficiency standard in the 30 northern states while ignoring comments and input from the industry. APGA and others were also successful in fighting the wellmeaning but misguided attempt by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to change the start of the gas day to better align with the start of the electric day. Now, we are once again in a fight with DOE over yet another attempt to establish a furnace efficiency standard. This time, it is a nationwide standard of 92 percent, which is based on misinterpretation of proprietary data that negatively impacts those with low incomes and fails to account for fuel switching. This is another fight that APGA will not back down from as we continue to fight for the fuel of freedom. This is another fight that APGA will not back down from as we continue to fight for the fuel of freedom. All the best, Richard H. "Rich" Worsinger Chairman, APGA, 2015-2016 42 THE SOURCE | THE VOICE AND CHOICE OF PUBLIC GAS

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