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first person To Initiate Growth- Natural Gas Is the Foundational Fuel In this Golden Era of natural gas, our residential and commercial customers now use a lower percentage of their income and revenue to pay their utility bills. The affordability of natural gas is bringing industries back into our communities with new jobs and investments; and, with advances in technology, the growth in our domestic natural gas supply always exceeds the previous year's consumption. As our new Chairman Rich Worsinger accurately proclaims, "Natural gas is our fuel of freedom." Despite the growth of the natural gas industry, unexplored avenues remain for greater direct-use and even more opportunities for growth across the end-use sectors. As local distribution companies (LDC), we must always tout the benefits of natural gas. While not a perfect fuel, natural gas is clearly the best fuel as it is reliable, affordable, abundant, domestic, clean, and safe. It is without a doubt the foundational fuel upon which our communities and country can grow. We will be addressing technologies, trends, and policies that increase natural gas usage at September's Gas Equipment and Application Conference in Atlanta. I hope you will join us for this groundbreaking and innovative event. Please read more about this conference on page 27. Now that natural gas is America's number one fuel, we now also have a bulls-eye on our collective back. As LDCs, we understand and our customers recognize the incredibly high value natural gas brings to the communities we serve. But we now also hear the growing volume of the naysayers who try to make the perfect the enemy of the good. Whenever and wherever we can, we have an obligation to promote the high value attributes of natural gas, tout the benefits of its direct-use, and be prepared to refute hollow and disingenuous allegations from those who either intentionally ignore the facts or demonstrate intellectual laziness by simply echoing the false claims of others. It is disappointing that the recent proposed rulemaking on natural gas furnaces reflects the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) view. In this issue, APGA's Regulatory Subcommittee and Direct-Use Task Group provide an update on the rulemaking. Suffice it to say, DOE's proposed furnace standards will result in the utilization of less efficient equipment, greater emissions, and increased costs for homeowners. In this issue of THE SOURCE, we have a Q&A session with Colorado Senator Cory Gardner. Senator Gardner talks about the role and impacts natural gas is making in his home state, and how creating new solutions and innovative answers to maximize this reliable fuel's unlimited possibilities can lead to greater growth in America's economy. Craig Barry writes about technology advancements in corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST). There is a new generation CSST that exponentially increases the level of protection from fires due to lightning strikes. We also get a report on the creation of a new state gas association in Georgia. Formed by a group of several natural gas organizations, of which the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia is one of the founding members, they provide the background on this new entity's mission and the work they will undertake. In this issue, we also read about Pensacola Energy's advantages realized from its recent implementation of its new work management and reporting systems; and, a perspective from Ryder about the benefits and advantages of owning and operating a CNG fleet. In this edition of The SOURCE, each of the stories touches upon how greater direct-use of natural gas will advance our country's economy and quality of life. In closing, just as our past Chairman, Jose Lozano, used to sing "The Best is Yet to Come," we know Rich is warming-up in the wings with new ways to shout, "Natural gas is America's fuel of freedom." Despite the growth of the natural gas industry, unexplored avenues remain for greater direct-use and even more opportunities for growth across the end-use sectors. Sincerey, Bert Kalisch APGA President and CEO THE SOURCE | FALL 2015, VOL. 8, ISSUE 1 7

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Q&A: Senator Gardner
APGA Responds to Efficiency Standards
Georgia Forms New State Association
Greenest CNG Station Opens in Tennessee
Factors that Fuel the Decision to Switch to CNG
Emerging CSST Products
Debut of the Gas Equipment & Appliance Conference
New Management Program for a Growing System
Shale and Natural Gas Lead U.S. Manufacturing Resurgence
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