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Q&A: Rep. Marsha Blackburn s Vice Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, U.S. House of Representatives Member, Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), offers insight into recent legislation and other issues surrounding the direct-use of natural gas in this Q&A. APGA is also pleased to have Congressman Blackburn speak at the 2016 APGA Annual Conference. as a small business woman, author, mother, grandmother, and Member of Congress, Marsha has dedicated her service to making america a more prosperous place to live. No stranger to adversity and hard work, Marsha went to college on a 4-H scholarship and worked her way through school selling books for the Southwestern Company. Whether it was leading the fight to defeat the proposed state income tax during her time in the Tennessee State Senate or her efforts in Congress to restore fiscal responsibility, Marsha has fought tirelessly for the principles and values that unite conservatives. Representing Tennessee's 7th District, Marsha continues to advocate for a small, efficient federal government that is accountable to its citizens. Marsha has been honored with the Distinguished leader award from the Susan B. anthony foundation, the Iron Jawed angel award for Excellence in Public Service, an honorary doctorate in letters from King University, the Congressional Grammy by the Recording academy, and the Health IT Now Innovation award among others. She currently serves as Vice Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and Chair of the Select Investigative Panel. Marsha and her husband Chuck live in Williamson County, Tenn. They have two children, Mary Morgan (Paul) Ketchel and Chad (Hillary) Blackburn; and two grandsons. Blackburn is a native of laurel, Miss. and graduate of Mississippi State University.* APGA: What are some of the areas that the House Committee on Energy and Commerce has focused on during this congressional session? Marsha Blackburn: * H.R. 2 which repeals the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR), which helps physicians receive proper reimbursement from Medicare so that seniors can have access to their doctor. * 21st century cures that will help advance breakthrough therapies and develop cures for deadly diseases. * H.R. 8-the North american Energy Security and Infrastructure act- which is designed to modernize our energy infrastructure. It contained language from [Congressman Blackburn] concerning home building energy codes that will increase transparency in making energy efficiency standards and help keep homes affordable. APGA: Are there areas of common ground on the committee in terms of energy issues that you feel provide additional policymaking opportunities moving forward? Marsha Blackburn: I would hope that every Member of Congress can agree on the goal to provide americans with cheap, reliable energy. We can do that by developing our domestic energy production and take an "all of the above" approach to energy sources that allow us to leverage the resources of our country to grow the economy and create jobs. APGA: What role do you see natural gas and the direct-use of natural gas playing in our energy future? Marsha Blackburn: fracking and the shale oil revolution have drastically changed the energy dynamic in our country. Natural gas is abundant, cheap, and cleaner burning than many other fossil fuels. We see power plants being converted to utilize natural gas and it is becoming an attractive option for vehicles, home heating, and other direct-use purposes. APGA: What do you see as some of the energy challenges facing our nation now and in the future? Marsha Blackburn: Reliability and affordability will always be energy challenges for our country. american society functions on the assumption that when a person flips a switch, the lights continued on page 14 THE SOURCE | fall 2016, vOl. 9, ISSUE 1 13 »

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