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injecting it into the natural gas pipeline.
They also operate CNG infrastructure
to fuel their fleet. All road rally stops
offered educational opportunities that
highlighted NGVs' exemplary value
proposition, displayed countless NGVs
and had attendees that included state
and local government officials and
policymakers, the media, NGV customers
and advocates, industry stakeholders,
Department of Energy (DOE) Clean Cities
coordinators as well as the public. Several
national broadcasting affiliates covered
these events on television in local markets,
the press published many stories of
individual events in addition to national
media coverage in leading trade and
industry e-Zines and social media efforts
were successful in LinkedIn, Twitter and
Facebook with over 400 followers.
In the early stages of planning, while
creating a west coast-to-east coast path
leading to D.C., something interesting
happened. I started getting host
participation inquiries from other parts
of the country like Minnesota, Colorado,
Nebraska, Oregon, Wisconsin and New
Jersey. The challenge here was to harness
this enthusiasm by connecting their
potential media site to a viable driving
route. Wonderful spurs were developed
whereby Michigan and Indiana fed into
Ohio then on to Pennsylvania and D.C. We
came very close to Florida jumping into
a Georgia to South Carolina spur, which
connected into the main route in North
Carolina. Also, a Louisiana to Texas spur
that fed into the main route in Arkansas
was developed.
There were at least over 60 companies
and organizations responsible for
organizing our events in: Wilmington,
Calif.; Tolleson, Ariz.; Albuquerque, N.M.;
Tulsa, Okla.; Conway, Ark.; Dickson,
Tenn.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Salisbury, NC;
Newport News, Va.; Washington, D.C.;
Houston, Texas; Leesville, La.; Atlanta, Ga.;
Spartanburg, S.C.; Fair Oaks, Ind.; Wixom,
Mich.; Columbus, Ohio; and, York, Pa.

With U.S. fueling infrastructure quickly
approaching 2,000 stations and 56 percent
of them open to the public, there were no
NGVs crisscrossing the country during the
road rally that experienced fueling issues,
otherwise known as range anxiety. There
were over 30 NGVs and drivers to travel the
designated routes provided by: SoCalGas;
Southwest Gas; Small Arrow Engineering;
CenterPoint Energy; Strata-G; Virginia
Natural Gas; NGV Solutions; Greater
Houston Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance;
Atlanta Gas Light; York County Natural
Gas Authority; Vectren; NiSource Gas
Distribution; Clean Energy Fuels; Arkansas
Oklahoma Gas Corp.; Gibson County
Utility District; Middle Tennessee Natural
Gas; Washington Gas; CNG 4 America;
Piedmont Natural Gas; Greer Commission
of Public Works; and Barry Carr from
Westport Fuel Systems.
At the beginning of the road rally,
several heavy-duty vehicle (HDV) and
light-duty vehicle (LDV) NGVs departed
from California and drove to Arizona. From
there, many LDV NGVs made their way
across the country. The conclusion was
quite dramatic as D.C. attendees witnessed
an armada of HDV and LDV NGVs
rolling into Freedom Plaza, three blocks
from the White House, in downtown
Washington with the Capitol serving as a
stunning backdrop.
The following organizations were
sponsors of this year's event: Agility

Fuel Solutions, ampCNG, ANGI Energy
Systems, Arkansas Clean Cities Coalition,
Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corp, Atlanta Gas
Light, Blue Bird Corporation, Blue Energy
Fuels, Carolinas Public Gas Association,
CenterPoint Energy, City of Richmond
- Dept. of Public Utilities, City of Tulsa
CNG, Clean Energy Fuels Corp, Clean
Fuels Michigan, Clean N' Green Fuel, CNG
Cylinders International, Cummins Westport
Inc, DeKalb County, Georgia (Metro Atlanta
area), DTE Energy, East Tennessee Clean
Fuels, EVO CNG, Gibson County Utility
District, Greater Dickson Gas Authority,
Greater Houston Natural Gas Vehicle
Alliance, Greater Indiana Clean Cities
Coalition, Greater Washington Clean Cities
Coalition, Houston Distributing Company,
Knoxville Utilities Board, Middle-West
TN Clean Fuels, Municipal Gas Authority
of Georgia, National Truck Equipment
Association (NTEA), Norwich Clean Cities,
Okaloosa Gas District, Oklahoma One-Call,
One Gas, Ozinga Energy, Palmetto State
Clean Fuels Coalition, Piedmont Natural
Gas, Precision Fitting and Gauge/Precision
CNG, Sevier County Utility District,
Sheehy Mail Contractors, Inc, South Jersey
Gas Company, Southern California Gas
Company - a Sempra Company, Southwest
Gas Corporation, Staubli Corp, TECO
Energy, Tennessee Gas Association,
Trillium CNG, TruStar Energy, Tulsa Area
Clean Cities, Tulsa Gas Technologies,
Inc, UGI Utilities, Inc, U.S. Venture/
GAIN Clean Fuel, Virginia Clean Cities,
Virginia Natural Gas - a Southern
Company, WEH Technologies Inc, and
Worthington Cylinders.
For more information on the 2017 NGV
road rally, please contact Tom Sheehan
at or at

VW Settlement
The Volkswagen clean diesel emissions settlement represents a significant opportunity
for NGVs. The settlement included $2.9 billion for an Environmental Mitigation Trust (EMT)
intended to address excess nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, an area where NGVs can deliver.
The funding is handled through a private trust and then administered by individual
states and the environmental entities (DEP, DEQ, etc.). For vehicles owned by state
governments there is up to a 100 percent funding opportunity. For non-government vehicles
funding is available for up to 25 percent of the cost of a new vehicle or up to 40 percent of
the cost of repowering (refit with a new engine).
States are now tasked with selecting a lead agency and developing mitigation plans
pursuant to the settlement. This includes designating what projects and vehicles will
be funded and to which extent. Currently, states are working through this process and
developing their plans.

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First Person
APGA Events
A Conversation with an APGA Member: Southeast Gas
Update on DOE’s Furnace Rule
The Second Annual NGV Road Rally
Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and How it Affects the Direct-Use of Natural Gas
APGA Strategic Planning: What’s Next?
Growing Revenue Without Capital - Combined Heat and Power
APGA Endorses Leading Home Repair Provider
Legislative Outlook
The Pipeline
Marketing Matters
At Last
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