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marketing matters Winners Share Insight on Successful Marketing Programs Every year, the APGA Marketing & Sales Committee presents the Marketing & Sales Award to members who exhibit outstanding efforts to market natural gas in their communities. There are five categories for the award with one winner in each category. Below, we highlight the winner in each category to give readers of THE SOURCE insight on successful marketing programs to further their own goals. As in years past, the winners will also present their programs at APGA's Marketing & Sales Trends & Training Conference (MSTTC) in March. Register and learn more about this conference at ADVERTISING Winner: Okaloosa Gas District Program Objective: To create a new tool to educate the consumer-including students as well as adults-about the benefits, cost advantages and the efficiency of natural gas. Program Description: Okaloosa Gas District thought it was important to begin a new branding campaign for natural gas that would be innovative and appealing to people of all ages. Under the umbrella of GreenNology, a new website- developed and deployed to the public. In addition, Okaloosa Gas introduced Professor Green, who is the Good Professor of GreenNology and a new spokesperson for Okaloosa Gas. The role of Professor Green is to provide a fresh new face and voice to deliver the message of "Why Natural Gas!" Within the GreenNology framework, it was important to concentrate on the areas of existing residential market, residential new construction market, natural gas education, and natural gas vehicles. Program Results: Some statistics on the GreenNology program are: * 497 total water heaters (retained and CNG/NGV Winner: Memphis Light, Gas and Water (MLGW) Program Objective: To enable the businesses and residents of Memphis and Shelby County to convert from gasoline and diesel to clean-burning, domestic, affordable natural gas as a vehicle fuel resulting in an improved quality of life through fuel cost savings and improved air quality. Program Description: In 2014, MLGW created a compressed natural gas (CNG) strategic plan that consists of eight drivers to increase awareness of CNG as a transportation fuel in our community. The drivers are: 1. Mission: The key word in this mission is "enable." Enabling the conversion from gasoline and diesel to natural gas has many components including providing education, support, guidance, expertise, as well as fueling solutions. 2. Expertise: MLGW saw the need to cultivate the CNG market and in September 2014, MLGW Energy Resources hired a Strategic Marketing Coordinator to help promote and educate the public about the benefits of CNG. Education: To address questions and help better familiarize the Memphis market about the benefits of CNG, a CMAQ Funding Talk and a Future of Fuel event were held. Stations: In October 2014, MLGW opened its second compressed natural gas fueling station and MLGW enabled on-site private fueling for one of our customers. Leading by example: MLGW currently has 96 CNG vehicles and four CNG trailers in its fleet and that number is growing each year. In 2014, our fleet displaced 37,356 gallons of gasoline and 107 short tons of greenhouse gas. Marketing: A strategic marketing plan was also created in eight short months. Billboards, newsletter, collateral, and media were used to gain awareness of CNG in the greater Memphis region. Alliances: We created strategic alliances with like-minded groups, agencies, 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 26 THE SOURCE | THE vOiCE and CHOiCE Of pUbliC gaS converted from electric) completed based on 251 working days per year; the Installation Department completed 1.98 water heater installations per work day * 126 electric conversions based on 251 working days per year; the Installation Department completed one electric water heater conversion every 1.99 working days * In fiscal year 2014, we retained 217 furnaces * As of spring in fiscal year 2015, we retained 225 furnaces movements, companies, etc., to garner support and expand our ability to bring change. 8. Price: MLGW's prices are not just lower than diesel; they are 40 percent lower than other fueling stations in surrounding areas. Keeping our prices low helps us encourage adoption. It allows us to do our part in creating a positive economic impact for area businesses by providing a low-cost fuel that will benefit their bottom line. Program Results: * Held two events to educate fleet owners * Hired a Strategic Marketing Coordinator * Opened a second public CNG fueling station * Created a quarterly newsletter to help promote and gain awareness * Created strategic alliances to garner support of CNG * Won Governor Haslam's 2015 Environmental Stewardship Award for Clean Air

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