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at last Look Closer at America's Natural Gas I would like to start by acknowledging another successful APGA Annual Conference this past summer. The annual conference committee led by our past chairman Jose Lozano made an excellent selection of beautiful Broomfield, Colorado. I would also like to thank the many impressive conference presenters including Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman, Norman C. Bay. It was an excellent opportunity for those of us in the public natural gas industry to come together for several days of education, networking and celebration of our achievements over the past year. I now look forward to next year's APGA Annual Conference in scenic Newport, Rhode Island. Our Annual Conference is an opportunity to review and inform members of the many accomplishments our association has seen over the past year. I know that next year in Newport, we will have many more accomplishments to share with membership. One such initiative that I am confident we will proudly be reviewing is our direct-use marketing campaign. APGA's Direct-Use Task Group has been effective in communicating our public natural gas message to policymakers in Washington, D.C., and it is now time to take that message to the local communities we serve. Our task group worked to take the messages being shared with representatives in Congress, and tailor them to develop messaging and information geared toward end-use customers in member communities. Ultimately, what we are promoting to both audiences is that natural gas is efficient, clean, safe, affordable and abundant. We want to educate policymakers and our communities that the primary energy approach is the best way to assess energy. With these messages in mind, leadership from APGA's Marketing & Sales Committee sent out a request for proposal for a firm to design the marketing campaign based on the message determined by the task group. After assessing the bids, Crabtree Ink was selected to develop the marketing campaign and collateral materials. The materials and messaging will be available for all members to utilize and customize for marketing to their local end-users via a website that will be developed in the coming months. The campaign's theme is America's Natural Gas: Look Closer. The description of this concept is: It's time to look closer at the future of American energy. Tomorrow's fuel is here today and here at home in abundance. America's natural gas is the cleaner, safer, more affordable and more efficient energy alternative, offering a local solution to a global challenge. It's time to look closer at a resource that provides greater stability and versatility while delivering the lower costs and emissions we want now and for future generations. It's time to energize America with fuel found in America. It's time to look closer to home. Our task group continues to develop the campaign and will offer more information, including the materials, to members as soon as they are available. We are eager to roll out this campaign and have our members use the Look Closer concept within their communities. This unified message used for end-use customers across the country and similarly used for policymakers in Washington, D.C., will be a powerful and effective communication strategy that we hope all APGA members utilize. This is an exciting time for our membership with more achievements to come. I encourage you all to Look Closer at America's Natural Gas. All the best, Richard H. "Rich" Worsinger Chairman, APGA, 2015-2016 30 THE SOURCE | THE vOiCE and CHOiCE Of pUbliC gaS

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