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members can visit the ICC website to join as a governmental
member at
During the recent IECC preliminary hearings, the committee
heard a proposal to ban gas fired log sets. This would have
required extremely burdensome construction around natural gas
utility closets and a whole host of energy matrix processes that
would have put the use of natural gas at a serious disadvantage.
We are the energy advisor of choice to municipalities,
Some of the major contributors to the ICC codes are the
distribution systems, and rural electric cooperatives.
American Institute of Architects (AIA), ASHRAE, U.S. Green
We provide services covering:
Building Council (USGBC) and a large number of energy efficiency
advocates. ICC codes are updated every three years and APGA
members have the ability to vote on them at final adoption.
The ASHRAE process is considerably different and several
magnitudes more complex than the ICC process. As mentioned
before, ASHRAE codes form the backbone of the commercial
building construction codes. However, in the past several years,
they have been trying to move into the home construction code
development realm.
ASHRAE is set up where there are large committees that
We serve those who serve the public.
make final recommendations to the ASHRAE Board. These
committees make their recommendations based on work done
at subcommittees, working groups and several other classes on
working groups. In all, ASHRAE has close to, if not more than, 100
1015 15th Street, NW, 12th Floor, Washington, DC 20005
working groups at any given time for various codes and standards.
Recently, APGA has been focused on several standards. These
key standards influence if and how natural gas can be used in
commercial buildings. The first standard is ASHRAE Standard
90.1. This is the energy code standard for commercial buildings
in the United States. Like 90.1, ASHRAE Standard 189.1 provides
the standards for green buildings construction codes. This is
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18/08/16 12:55 AM
important because it incorporates all of 90.1 plus many other
standards that dictate everything from envelope standards to
landscaping. Like Standard 189.1, ASHRAE Standard 100 lays out
the criteria for retrofitting a building. Finally, Standard 214p,
Standard for Determining and Expressing Building Energy
Performance in a Rating Program, is important because it
outlines the criteria for ratings programs.
In the discussion of energy codes, fuel gas codes or
construction standards, it is important to remember that these
standards are only model codes. With a few minor exceptions,
nothing here prevents either state or local jurisdictions from
either not adopting, or modifying a model standard. As an
example, the ICC published their 2015 IECC model code last
year; however, very few states have actually adopted it. Only a
6/3/16 8:34 PM
handful of states have actually adopted anything more recent 815330_Miller.indd 1
Precision Leak
than the 2009 IECC code. The only reason the 2009 code has
Detection &
such a high adoption rate is because it was a condition for
Inside Safety Inspections
receiving federal energy stimulus funding.
As we continue to advocate for common sense goals, building
codes will play an increasingly critical role in how customers are
able to utilize natural gas in their homes and businesses. Over the
last several years, the rate of potential energy savings for specific
OMARK has been providing natural gas safety solutions
and services for utility companies and their customers
appliances has diminished. The next step in energy policy is to
across our great country since 1987. We provide walking
look beyond individual appliances and begin to look at the entire
508.466.8170 FAX
& mobile surveys, residential safety inspections, corrosion
solutions and more. This is backed of course 24/7 emergency
system. This means energy codes will begin to replace federal
availability for all of our offerings. Contact OMARK for
energy efficiency standards as the major driver for what will be
a listing of all our services and discuss how we can increase
value for your company and clients today!
installed in customers' homes and business.


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First Person
APGA Events
Industry Update: Furnace Rule Report
The Future of Natural Gas in Zero Energy Building Design
Bringing Success to Succession in the Utility World
Taking a Fresh Look at Distributed Generation and CHP
Why Energy Codes Matter and How They Impact Your Utility
Environmental Group and Utility Work Together
Legislative Outlook
The Pipeline
Marketing Matters
At Last
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