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Results: Due to the on-bill financing our sales continue to improve. In 2015, we
financed 10 heating units and 37 water heaters. In the past, we had begun losing
customers who were going totally electric due to the various marketing methods and
deep pockets of local power companies. The Main Street Program helped to even
the playing field by offering zero percent interest financing on natural gas appliances
making them affordable for everyone including our low income customers. We have
begun to see the trend changing in our community. We now have begun installing
new services and even extending gas mains into areas where gas was once not

Category: Residential Sales of Natural Gas, above 15,000 meters
Winner: Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia
Program: Rebate Rally and Contractor Incentive Program
Summary: The Rebate Rally is a unique program created for municipally-owned
natural gas systems to come together and collectively promote the use of natural gas
while offering appliance rebates to customers and incentives to contractors. Typically,
it can be challenging for a municipal gas system to execute a successful rebate
initiative on its own, as they aren't necessarily equipped with enough staff or resources
needed to create and carry out such a program. This project involved a collective
approach of pooling together money and working with the Municipal Gas Authority of
Georgia (MGAG) to create a program that not only worked for all municipals but also
allowed for customization of rebate offerings. Working with the Best Behavior Creative
Club, we created the Rebate Rally campaign, which launched in September 2015
and spanned 60 days. It incorporated a radio campaign, a website for the main
call-to-action (, contractor events, and marketing deliverables.
The campaign was a complete success and the Rebate Rally continues now throughout
the year, promoting the benefits of natural gas as well as offering an easy way for
Georgia natural gas customers to identify a natural gas provider and see what
incentives and rebates may be available to them.
Many municipally-owned natural gas systems are competing against electric
companies as the electric companies are able to offer excellent appliance rebates.
Municipal systems realize they have to offer appliance rebates to compete for burner


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tips in homes. Being a part of MGAG
gives the municipals the advantage of
a joint-action agency, which creates
one collective voice for natural gas. This
approach allowed the campaign, with
its unified brand to be blanketed over a
large part of the state of Georgia.
When it comes to replacing an
appliance, most homeowners want a
turn-key solution. It can be frustrating
for a homeowner to make several calls
for the contractor and/or natural gas
supplier. What's more, even tracking
down the proper natural gas appliance
can be a burden. was
created to provide homeowners with all
the information they need in one place.
The customer simply clicks on their
natural gas provider's name to find a list
of local contractors, plus the number for
the natural gas department, any rebates
and incentives available to them, and
finance options-all on one website!
Once the rebate structures were
in place and the website was ready
to go live, the municipals had fun
launching the Rebate Rally campaign.
Radio spots aired and foam footballs
with the web address were tossed out
at local high school football games.
To schools and town fall festivals, we
distributed an original kid's coloring
book with natural gas information.
Bill stuffers were mailed as well. One
unique aspect of this campaign was the
idea to get local contractors on board
with the municipalities' efforts. The
municipals held five contractor dinners
across the state and offered them CEU
credits for training, which they were
already required to get annually. At
each training session, the municipal
gas system operator spoke briefly
about the Rebate Rally campaign and
educated the contractors on rebates
and financing options through the
cities. The contractors were given a
laminated cheat sheet that contained
information about all the participating
municipal systems, their rebates, finance
options, and contact information.
They were also educated and given
material on manufacturer rebates
available to homeowners. As part of
our efforts to promote the Rebate
Rally, marketing materials were set up
at wholesale appliance distribution

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The Future of Natural Gas in Zero Energy Building Design
Bringing Success to Succession in the Utility World
Taking a Fresh Look at Distributed Generation and CHP
Why Energy Codes Matter and How They Impact Your Utility
Environmental Group and Utility Work Together
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The Pipeline
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