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marketing matters

APGA Marketing & Sales Awards Winners


very year, the APGA Marketing
& Sales Committee holds the
Marketing & Sales Award for APGA
member utilities. It is an opportunity for
APGA members to submit entries on how
their system worked to promote natural
gas in their communities over the past
year. All APGA members are encouraged
to submit their innovative and successful

marketing programs, branding initiatives
or customer service campaigns for
consideration and recognition. A team of
judges including committee leadership
and the 2016 Marketing & Sales Award
winners reviewed each entry and gave
scores based on pre-determined criteria.
This year's first place winner is York
County Natural Gas Authority(YCNGA),

York County Natural Gas Authority
By Amy Cassidy
Program: Natural Gas Education & Safety Awareness
Program Objective: The goal of this program is to raise
awareness of natural gas energy and educate students on the
development, distribution and end-use of natural gas in homes,
businesses, transportation and manufacturing. As a component
of our public awareness and outreach plan, the program also
provides students with ways to identify and avoid hazards
associated with natural gas. In addition the program allows us
to support programs and initiatives that benefit our community.
Target Audience: Elementary through high school students.
Primarily grades 4 - 6.
Program Description: York County Cultural & Heritage
Museum Field Trip Program
Offered to: 5th Grade Classes of Title One Eligible Schools in York
County, Boys & Girls Club Summer Camp (3rd - 5th grades), YMCA
Summer Camp (3rd - 5th grades)
Program: YCNGA sponsored a field trip for museum program
"Down Deep in the Earth" which teaches about rocks, minerals
and elements found in the earth, including lab, lecture and
visit to planetarium with slides on natural gas energy, uses,
hazards and response. Students visit three stations, including the
naturalist center lab, classroom and planetarium. Tickets for the
students are provided free, while the school arranges and pays
for the transportation.
In addition to the field trip, we offer a classroom visit on a
separate day to present additional information on natural gas
energy. The presentation includes a slideshow, video, interactive
experiments and a tree planting by SC811.
Reach: Up to 357 students + teachers and chaperones.
In addition, local media typically cover the classroom visit for a
segment on education and safe digging.
Results: 204 students + teachers and chaperones
YMCA Summer Camp - 75 students + 10 chaperones
Boys & Girls Club - 125 students + 4 chaperones


and runner up is City of Tallahassee. We
are pleased to showcase the winning
programs in this issue of THE SOURCE.
Winners are also invited to present their
programs at the 2018 Marketing & Sales
Trends & Training Conference (MSTTC) in
Panama City, Fla., this coming April. More
information on MSTTC will be available in
the coming months.

National Energy Foundation Academy of
Natural Gas Education
Offered to: All grades in York County
Program: Natural gas information and safety materials marketed
and promoted by NEF directly to teachers in schools within the
York County Natural Gas service territory to supplement their
curriculum and meet the state's standards regarding energy
Reach: 25 classrooms, up to 750 students + families
Estimated student and family reach: 3,000
Results: 25 classrooms, 750 students + families
YMCA - Kicking With Confidence
Offered to: 4th Graders in Rock Hill District 3 Schools
Program: Partnership with YMCA Aquatics Center to sponsor
the swim lesson program, Kicking with Confidence offered to all
4th grade students in Rock Hill District 3 Schools. The students
receive 4-5 swim lessons during school hours at the Rock Hill
Aquatics Center, lasting 40 minutes each lesson. Our sponsorship
allows us to highlight the energy used to heat the pool (natural
gas) and tie in our own gas safety message on the materials sent
home. Our logo is on all branded materials including swim bags
and cups provided by the YMCA, along with the paperwork and
other documents sent home.
Reach: Up to 1,800 students + teachers
Estimated student and family reach: 5,400
Results: 1,357 4th grade students in the RH School District
received materials. Estimating that each child, on average, is from
a household of three, total reach is 4,071.
Boys & Girls Club 811 Day
Offered to: Boys & Girls Club of York County
Program: Coordinated club activities including slideshow,
interactive natural gas presentation, 811 pirate video, field day
type games with an 811 flair, and locating demonstration.
Reach: Up to 250 kids
Results: 200 campers ages 6 - 18, plus counselors and staff.
Local media (CN2) covered the event which was broadcast to
Comporium cable subscribers.


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