THE SOURCE - Winter 2017 - 27

City of Tallahassee Natural Gas Utility
By Vicki O'Neil
Program: Attendance campaign to support Natural Gas Utility
exhibition at the 2016 North Florida Home Show
Objective: 1. Increase attendance
2. Raise customer awareness of gas availability
3. Reach customers within 110 feet of our gas main with the
goal of developing prospects/new customers from our infill areas
(where customers have not connected to our gas main).
Target Audience: Potential new customer-homeowners within
110 feet of existing natural gas distribution.
Ancillary audience: existing natural gas customers.
Program Description: A four-week print and direct mail
campaign announcing the 2016 North Florida Home Show
commenced in January 2016 and ended one week before the
start of the North Florida Home Show. This campaign highlighted
gas availability to non-gas customers as well as an invitation
to come to the show and register to win a natural gas grill and
tankless water heater prize (with free installation) at the Natural
Gas Utility's exhibit. The campaign had several print outlets,
including the local newspaper, one local magazine and a
reference guide to builder services and the overall show.
Determining our target market for this project included
the following:
Utilizing the gas utility geographical
information system (GIS) and linking
it to the Utility Business Customer
Information System (CIS), staff
identified potential residential
customers within 110 feet of our
natural gas main and created a
mailing list for these homes.
Analysis of resident and builderdriven permitting and construction activities (for the years
2013-2015) in our market indicated highest activity was occurring
within five distinct zip codes.
Based on these two datasets, we targeted our mailer to
roughly 6,400 customers within those five zip codes
Direct mail was limited to an
oversized 8" X 5" postcard informing
customers of gas availability, and
promoting the tankless water heater
and gas grill raffle prizes.
Advertising for the North Florida
Home Show was in the following
media with an emphasis on raffle
and natural gas tankless water heater
information. The "Now Showing"
overall show theme was rolled out during the last week of the
advertising campaign. Ads were placed as follows:
1. The Tallahassee Democrat, a newspaper serving Florida's
capital for 111 years with a circulation of roughly 40,000 Monday
through Saturday, and a 60,000 readership on Sundays. The
Tallahassee Democrat's 2016 North Florida Home Show package

revolved around "HomeFinder.
com" which is its Saturday special
section. Details on offered
properties are also found online
with search criteria by state,
city, zip, street, etc. This section,
available one week before the
show, included
the show floor plan and
exhibitor ads.
2. The reference guide,
titled "Tallahassee Better Living
Guide - Home Show edition,"
was published for the Tallahassee Builders Association by
Home and Lands magazine and was free to show visitors.
Distribution was approximately 5,000 at the show (10,000 total
locally). This reference guide was distributed to show visitors
as they completed registration. It contained exhibitor contact
information, exhibit floor plan, how-to
articles, coupons, and advertising. An
information article was supplied by the City
of Tallahassee Natural Gas Utility to assist
with water heater selection - natural gas
or other energy - and the pros and cons of
tank vs. tankless.
3. Tallahassee Magazine is a bi-monthly
publication with
circulation encompassing the five zip codes
that we targeted for this campaign. The
magazine is provided free to households with
an income of $100,000 or more, otherwise by
subscription or single copy purchase at local
retail outlets. The Home Show ad for this issue
was a two-page ad.
Results: 25 percent of total show attendance
visited our booth at some point over the
course of the show as determined by our
1,248 raffle entries against paid show entrance.
A survey conducted during the home show revealed
our market projections were on target when 66 percent of
respondents came from the predicted five targeted zip codes.
35 percent of the total survey group were current gas customers
and 62 percent were not, giving us a sizeable pool of prospects
for follow-up.



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