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( feature ) Lighting the Path: Inspirational Leadership Increases Engagement B Michele Wi By Mi h l Wierzgac, MSEd, CMM MSEd Speaker & Educator NOW MORE THAN ever, the world needs inspirational leaders at work. Why? One-third of U.S. employees are unhappy with their jobs and are planning to leave. Very few people are eager to go to work. Disengaged employees are looking for a leader that will inspire them into action. The core characteristic of an inspirational leader is that they lead with a strong and sensitive purpose with a deep passion for the mission. They have a desire to serve and empower others. They inspire themselves - and others. "If you want to successfully lead people, you need to demonstrate on a consistent basis a dedication to a set of values that others can understand and emulate. These values have to include a respect of others and a willingness to do any task that you would like others to do." Les Selby, CMP, CMM Vice President, Client Services, Event Spectrum Inc. Inspirational leaders do not use a process, nor a technique. They lead with the heart and the soul - and consider the heart and soul of others. The research proves that motivating and inspiring others increases employee engagement. To inspire employees, the leader must provide all of these skills with a genuine spirit: * Being authentic - How true are you to your own personality, spirit and character despite pressures from the material world? People will be able to tell if you are pretending to be someone else and will question everything about you. Showcase your strengths and personality traits. If you love to tell jokes, tell jokes. Are you reading from a script or you speaking from heart? Be natural. Be authentic. * Earn trust - Trust is an essential ingredient in increasing engagement. Employees are more loyal and enthusiastic when they work in an environment with people they 10 PMPI ENGAGE "Passion is the energy that drives you to reach your true potential." Without passion we will never buy in completely and do whatever necessary to reach our full potential." Tina Debos, CFA, CMM Director of Operations, Women in Capital Markets

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Lighting the Path: Inspirational Leadership Increases Engagement
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PMPI Engage - March/April 2014