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president's message Brand Builders Tammy Kockaya, CMP, CMM Director, Events & Meetings KPMG LLP President, MPI Potomac Chapter 4 The sTarT of July always feels like an opportunity to hit the reset button. As summer kicks into full swing, it's a great time to evaluate progress against the goals we made at the start of the calendar year. Evaluating areas of success (or not) on doing those things we committed to focusing on at the start of the calendar year and determining those on which to refocus (and which to let go) is a rewarding and mindful activity as summer kicks into full swing. As a new chapter year also kicks off this month, our chapter leadership (check us out starting on page 8) will also focus on a number of chapter goals and initiatives to advance and strengthen the Potomac chapter into the coming year and beyond. * Our chapter's brand identify is shifting and moving forward, You will no longer see references to PMPI, but instead, MPI Potomac. Leading with our MPI Global identity first, and then with our chapter affiliation to follow, will have far-reaching positive implications for building our chapter's brand in the industry and fulfilling commitments to our members. As you will read in our feature article, "Does Your Brand Earn a 5-Star Review" by Doug Sandler on page 5, focusing on brand-building activities can have great impact on our future success. This is true for our advancing our professional brand, as well as our chapter's brand reputation. * As you may have heard, MPI Global has recently developed and released a new membership model to meet the unique needs of our members, our chapter, and our global organization now and into the future. We are excited about the positive benefits the new Premier and VIP membership offerings will have on reaffirming the member value you receive from our exceptional education offerings and business-building networking opportunities as a member of MPI Potomac. To find out more about the new membership model and how it may positively affect your engagement with our chapter, please visit * During our recent Evening of Stars Annual Meeting and Recognition event last month (see page 7 for highlights), I shared with our members the process your board of directors is undertaking to develop our chapter's three-year strategic plan. It was an exciting and collaborative exercise we undertook during our annual retreat to create a forward-looking view and strategic plan to develop initiatives that will directly benefit our members, advance our chapter programming, increase overall membership, decrease attrition, provide leadership and skill development to our chapter volunteers and leaders, and much, much more. In future issues of Engage, we will share with you our goals and progress against these goals to benefit our MPI Potomac members. As I reflect upon the last six months and what the upcoming year holds, I am so appreciative of this great honor to serve you and our chapter leadership. As a leader, I find energy and motivation to be my best each day through my team - whether that is my team of events professionals at KPMG or leaders on our MPI Potomac board of directors. To be a role model and lean in to pull others up, take risks and not be afraid to fail fast, to be a guiding light and a visionary for inspiration... these are leadership qualities I endeavor to demonstrate through my personal and professional brand that drive me every day. In closing, we look forward to seeing you at our annual Summer Sizzle networking event and volunteer fair on Tuesday, August 23 at the gorgeous Watergate Hotel. This event is always a great opportunity to reconnect with other members, learn more about getting involved with the chapter, and have some fun! Thank you for your membership, your dedication to the MPI Potomac Chapter and your many contributions to our industry. ■ ENgAgE JuLY/AuGuST 2016 VOL. 37 NO. 6

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PMPI Engage - July/August 2016