PMPI Engage - September/October 2016 - 7

president's message Launching MPI Potomac's Three-Year Strategic Plan Tammy Kockaya, CMP, CMM Director, Events & Meetings KPMG LLP President, MPI Potomac WITH THE FALL comes back-to-school, autumn leaves, harvest festivals, apple cider and, of course, strategic planning. Um, strategic planning? Yes, strategic planning. For many organizations, especially those whose fiscal year ends in December, the fall months present a perfect opportunity to evaluate year-to-date progress and participate in strategic planning activities to determine areas of focus and investment for the upcoming fiscal year and beyond. For many associations that kicked off the new fiscal year on July 1 (like our MPI chapters), the fall is also a critical time to evaluate performance across the first quarter and investments made (in personnel, technology and funding) before continuing too much further with these areas of focus. The MPI Potomac Board of Directors has embraced the exercise to develop our own strategic direction for the next three years. Across the next few issues of our Engage magazine, we will share with you the activities our leaders and chapter will invest in time, money and people. In our first year, we hope to lay the groundwork for future initiatives, in addition to the "business as usual" of providing our members the quality programming and benefits you have come to expect from MPI Potomac. Included are our areas of strategic focus for the 2016-2017 chapter year: * Effectively roll out the new membership MPI Global model to our chapter members, identify benefits of membership unique to our chapter and ensure we have recruitment and retention programs in place to continue to engage our most important asset ... YOU! * Implement our Chapter Leader Development Program - a four-part training program for our chapter volunteers and leaders starting at the committee member and task force level through our executive committee. * Be more transparent to our members by providing current information on volunteer openings and our areas of focus as a board and ensuring that we are holding each other accountable. * Breathe new life into our 11th annual Mid-Atlantic Conference & Exposition (MACE!) event by making some much-needed changes to our Flipped Marketplace structure, and begin to lay the groundwork for additional MACE! enhancements in 2017-2018. * Successfully rebrand our chapter name from PMPI to MPI Potomac in support of the MPI Global rebrand efforts across all 80 MPI chapters and clubs. * Achieve and surpass all cash and in-kind sponsorship goals, diversify our sponsorship opportunities and increase our number of multi-year agreements. (If you are interested in being recognized as a sponsor for our chapter, visit sponsorship for more information.) * Build a task force focused on investigating the implementation of a client relationship management (CRM) system designed to understand the interests of our members more fully and to ensure our members are receiving their ROI from membership with MPI and our chapter. * Finally, as an industry, we are more successful when we collaborate, and we are looking to more broadly build relationships, engage in activities, support each other, and co-sponsor events with other industry association and MPI chapters throughout our Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. This is what we hope to accomplish in year one alone! In our November/ December Engage, we will share what year two. We remain excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for our members. If you would like to be a part of helping us advance any of these goals, please contact any member of our Board of Directors for information on how you can contribute your talents and skills. Before putting down this month's Engage, be sure to check out articles penned by two of our chapter leaders. VP of Communications Emily DeYoung, CMP, wrote the insightful and helpful "15 Tips to Make Your Association Meetings Better!" starting on page 10, and Doug Sandler, our Rising Star Award winner for the 2015-2016 chapter year, wrote "Time Management Techniques for Extremely Busy People" on page 12. In closing, we look forward to seeing you at our first two educational experiences of this chapter year on Wednesday, October 5 at the Marriott Wardman Park and Wednesday, November 16 at the Holiday Inn Capitol. Visit for more details. Happy pumpkin carving and strategic planning! ■ ENGAGE 7

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of PMPI Engage - September/October 2016

President’s Message
15 Tips to Make Your Association Meetings Better!
Time Management Techniques for Extremely Busy People
Meetings Thought Leadership
The Road Warrior: Staying Healthy on the Road
Volunteer Spotlight
What’s New in Fort Lauderdale
Welcome, New PMPI Members!
Members on the Move
PMPI Dashboard
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PMPI Engage - September/October 2016 - The Road Warrior: Staying Healthy on the Road
PMPI Engage - September/October 2016 - Volunteer Spotlight
PMPI Engage - September/October 2016 - What’s New in Fort Lauderdale
PMPI Engage - September/October 2016 - Welcome, New PMPI Members!
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