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supplier profile rapid Growth Puts GapCon on Global tissue stage From a components supplier when founded in 2006, company is a key provider of complete systems today GapCon is a member of the Irle Deuz family of companies (Germany), with Irle Deuz holding 80 percent of its shares and the remaining 20 percent jointly owned by GapCon founders and current managing directors Wolfgang Wiertz and Wolfgang Mark. Since its foundation in 2006, GapCon has grown rapidly. Its most recent annual figures show a turnover growth to EUR 41 million. Originally a supplier of components for calenders, shoe presses and deflection compensating rolls, GapCon has recently broadened its scope and can now provide all aspects of paper and tissue production needs. From manufacture and supply of new-build systems to service, upgrade, relocation and rebuild of existing systems, GapCon today offers a one-stop shop for customers. With operations in Italy (Verona), India (Kolkata) and China (Shanghai) alongside its head office in Willich, Germany, GapCon today is uniquely positioned to deliver a broad range of products and services to the global marketplace, including: * EconFLOW™ headboxes * EconFORM™ top formers * EconPRESS™ shoe presses * EconFILM™ film presses * EconPRO™ calenders (soft/hard nip) * EconROLL™ crowned controlled rolls/ multi-zone rolls * EconREEL™ reels * EconWIN™ winders The company also provides: * Sectional machine rebuilds-e.g., of fourdriniers and press sections * Relocation projects for secondhand machines (GapCon's "Rising Star" service) * Tissue machine upgrades-e.g., to crescent former type * Tissue plants on a "turnkey" basis * Uncreped TAD machines * Winder/reel upgrades * Comprehensive project management/ delivery services Over the past year, GapCon has secured and delivered several key projects. Its most recent effort in the tissue industry involved delivery and implementation of a complete turnkey project for a customer in Tunisia. Built around its EconSOFT™ complete tissue machine and EconDRY™ crescent former and steel yankee, the plant commenced production in October and within eight days was in continuous operation with three shifts at 95 percent of design capacity. Some key elements of this project were: * A tissue machine (70 metric tpd capacity, 1,500 m/min operating speed, 2,750 mm trim) with a crescent former and high-efficiency gas hood * Steam, condensate, vacuum systems * Stock preparation from pulp, broke line, approach flow system, fiber recovery system, complete with field instrumentation, stock chest, water tanks, piping * Fresh water treatment with reverse osmosis, steam boiler house, compressed air system, overhead cranes * Fully automated three-ply winder with wrapping machine for finished jumbo rolls * Electrical systems for entire mill, including but not limited to MV cabinets, transformers, PCC, MCC, variable speed drives, AC motors, cables, trays * Provision/installation of DCS/QCS * Complete management service covering on-site engineering requirements, project management, erection supervision, startup assistance, staff training/ development, etc. In 2014, GapCon performed a complete tissue machine rebuild for a Vietnamese customer. A new EconDRY steel yankee was supplied and installed, while the existing twin wire former was converted to a crescent former. In addition, the GapCon team extensively refurbished the winder to increase its speed to match increased paper machine production. "While the GapCon brand is relatively new to the tissue industry, our team boasts industry-leading levels of experience and knowhow acquired over several decades. This 20-strong group of engineers designed, manufactured, and started up several high-speed machines, including a TAD machine, for top tissue manufacturers during the past 30 years. We believe that such expertise, allied to our customer-focused, solutions-driven approach, positions GapCon to become a key player in the tissue field, supplying high-tech, innovative machine concepts tailored to individual needs," says Wiertz. "But we are not standing still. Our approach, coupled with latest technological advancements, has enabled us to develop a unique shoe press concept that maximizes heat transfer efficiency of the steel yankee. The result is our EconSOFT tissue machine, designed to combine optimum energy efficiency with flexibility to manufacture a wide range of products, from very compact to very bulky. All of this is achievable with just one machine," Wiertz points out. More information about GapCon and Irle Deuz is available online at www.gapcon.com and www.irle-group.com. Tissue360º Spring/Summer 2015 25 http://www.gapcon.com http://www.irle-group.com

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