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setpoint A Century of tissue When TAPPI was formed in 1915, the global tissue industry was still in its infancy. Yes, the Chinese were messing around with "tissue" 3,000 years earlier, but there would not be a tissue industry until the early 20th century. In the U.S., Scott Paper Co., in fact, was the first to commercially produce a tissue product and get it on store shelves in the early 1900s. Kimberly-Clark didn't put our first facial tissue (Kleenex) on the market until 1924. I've spoken with a few very senior citizens, including my dad, some time back, who said they did not recall even seeing tissue paper, especially toilet or bath tissue, until maybe in the 1930s. For sure, whatever progress there was along the commercial tissue front was interrupted by the Great Depression beginning in 1929. There was some economic growth for four years after the Great Depression, which helped tissue and other industries, including paper, get back on their feet a little. But then another recession in 1937 slowed things down again, at least until the beginning of World War II when vibrant war industries stimulated a different type of recovery, complete with frugal rationing of rubber, metals, glass, coffee, certain food items, and even tissue to some degree. After the war, economies throughout the western world grew rapidly, and in many respects this was the beginning of the modern tissue industry, at least in North America. In an article beginning on page 8, we look at a "Century of Tissue" beginning more or less at its halfway point-in the 1950s and 1960s-the beginning of Mr. Whipple's 20-year "please don't squeeze the Charmin" run on TV. Based on the insights and recollections of three tissue industry veterans who spent most if not all of their careers in the tissue arena, the article explores a series of trend-setting events and developments that more or less defines tissue making as we know it today. George Hartman, who started in the industry in 1964, spent his entire career in the industry until he retired in 2002. Bill Sleeper started in the packaging sector of the industry in 1969, later switching over to the tissue side where he spent the final 15 or so years of his career, retiring in 2012. Wlad Janssen was with Kruger most of his career until four years ago when he became a consultant to the industry. Janssen, who looks more globally at future directions the industry likely will take, says that tissue, much more so than other grades of paper industry products, is driven directly by consumers and the commercial marketplace. In this regard, he notes, the big tissue producers are not really paper companies anymore, but rather consumer product companies. They have gotten away from the pulp production side of the paper industry entirely. Today's consumers, Janssen notes, buy tissue on a repeat basis-it's a basic need. Promotions for tissue are therefore often at the head of isles in grocery stores and used as a means to direct the traffic. In many countries (particularly after World War II behind the iron curtain), toilet tissue, if it could be obtained, was of very bad quality. Therefore there was a pent-up demand, and consumers became very much aware of the functionality of tissue (Eastern Europe is still one of the high growth areas for tissue today). KEN PATRICK Editorial Director/Associate Publisher, Tissue360° EDITORIAL STAFF ADMIN/PRODUCTION/SALES DESIGN Rajeev Mishra KEN PATRICK, Editorial Director/Associate Publisher kpatrick@tappi.org PUBLISHER Pam Blasetti pblasseti@naylor.com LARRY N. MONTAGUE, President & CEO, TAPPI lmontague@tappi.org MANAGING EDITOR Michael Senecal msenecal@naylor.com SALES ASSOCIATES Anthony Land aland@naylor.com ERIC FLETTY, VP Operations, TAPPI efletty@tappi.org GLENN OSTLE, Editorial Director/Associate Publisher, Paper360° gostle@tappi.org MONICA SHAW, Editorial Director, TAPPI Journal mshaw@tappi.org PROJECT MANAGER Josh Abramowitz jabramowitz@naylor.com MARKETING Lauren Branin lbranin@naylor.com Shane Holt sholt@naylor.com Sue Maracle smaracle@naylor.com Tony Chiccarello tchiccarello@naylor.com John O'Neil joneil@naylor.com Janet Frank jfrank@naylor.com Jason Ruppert jruppert@naylor.com Shaun Greyling sgreyling@naylor.com INTERNATIONAL SALES Murray Brett murray.brett@abasol.net SAMANTHA GEIER, Online Exclusives Editor sgeier@tappi.org 6 Tissue360º Spring/Summer 2015 www.tappi.org http://www.tappi.org

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A Century of Tissue: Career Experts Explore Past, Future
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Tissue360 - Spring/Summer 2015