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the purchase and expansion of an existing
warehouse that will consolidate all southeastern warehousing in Shelby. Clearwater
Paper projects that the construction of the
new facility will be completed in early 2019
and fully operational in 2020.
Daio Paper has announced that it is
in talks to take over the tissue production
activities of fellow Japanese firm Nisshinbo
Holdings. The latter operates four mills in
Japan. Two, both in Shizuoka prefecture, produce tissue, with its Fuji facility operated by
subsidiary Tokai Seishi able to produce about
28,000 tonnes/yr, and its Shimada mill able to
produce almost 40,000 tonnes/yr. Meanwhile,
internally Daio is planning on expanding its
tissue production with a new 4,500-tonne/mo
machine at its formerly shuttered Kawanoe
mill, to start in October next year. It will be
supported by a new processing center handy
to Tokyo, in Saitama prefecture.
To meet the growing demand for highquality tissue and strengthen the product
offering in the UK, SCA is investing in a
through-air drying (TAD) machine at its
tissue plant in Skelmersdale. SCA has also
decided to close an older tissue machine in
Stubbins and signed an agreement to divest
its tissue plant in Chesterfield to Sidcot Group
Limited. These measures are part of SCA´s
Tissue Roadmap and are aligned with the
company's strategy to streamline production and secure capacity for future growth to
increase value creation in the tissue business
area. Both initiatives are subject to customary
consultation with employee representatives.
Following the investment at the Skelmersdale
tissue plant of approximately SEK 160 million,
the production capacity of TAD mother reels
will be 28,000 tons/yr.
China's Sun Paper Industry has decided
to set up a wholly owned subsidiary in
Delaware to run the $1.3 billion fluff
pulp mill the company intends to build
in Clark County, Ark. Temporarily
named Sun Bio Material (U.S.) Company,
the division will handle applications for
environmental permits and preferential
policies for the pulp project, and will also
operate the mill once it is commissioned.
Russia's Arkhbum Tissue Group,
managed by Arkhangelsk pulp and paper
mill (APPM), has detailed a timeline for the
construction of the greenfield tissue mill in
Vorsino, in the Kaluga region near Moscow.
During 2017, the firm plans to complete the
installation of the plant's infrastructure and

Tissue360º SPRING/ SUMMER 2017

the main building and warehouse. The total
planned size of the site is over 60,000 m2. The
70,00-tonne/yr tissue machine, supplied by
Andritz, is set to start up in the second half
of 2018, according to Arkhbum. The machine
will be accompanied by two converting lines
for production of toilet paper and kitchen towels. The total cost of the investment is Euro 120
million ($129 million). The plant will employ
350 people. In 2019-2021, Arkhbum plans to
raise its tissue capacity to 140,000 tonnes/yr,
as well as install a second paper machine and
additional converting lines.
Metsä Group's parent company,
Metsäliitto Cooperative, has purchased
Jozef Antosik's 9 percent ownership share in
Metsä Tissue Corporation through a share
acquisition completed in February 2017.
As a result of the transaction, Metsäliitto
Cooperative owns the entire share capital
in Metsä Tissue Corporation. Metsä Group's
sales totalled EUR 4.7 billion in 2016, and
it employs approximately 9,300 people.
The Group operates in some 30 countries.
Metsäliitto Cooperative is the parent company
of Metsä Group and owned by approximately
104,000 Finnish forest owners.
Marcal, a Soundview Paper Company,
has announced it has achieved certification to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative
(SFI) 2015-2019 Chain-of-Custody Standard
across North America. Consumers in growing
numbers want assurance that their buying
decisions represent a sound environmental
choice. They are asking for proof that wood,
paper, and packaging products are made with
raw materials from certified forest content,
certified sourcing, or recycled content. SFI's
Chain-of-Custody Standard and associated
labels deliver a reliable and credible mechanism so businesses can provide this assurance
to customers.

After a comprehensive rebuild, PM 10 at
Lucart Laval sur Vologne mill in France has
been successfully started. The rebuild will
boost the machine speed from the current
1,300 m/min to 1,600 m/min for the production of high-quality tissue from virgin

or recycled fibers. Toscotec's turn-key supply included wire and felt section modifications, a new TT SYD-12FT, yankee steam and
condensate, and a TT MachineBrokePulper
(MBP75). Complete engineering, erection,
commissioning, and start-up assistance were
also included in the order.
Guangdong Shaoneng Group has
placed an order for a new 27,000 tonne/yr
tissue machine for its pulp and paper mill
in Nanxiong city, Guangdong province. A
Celli has been signed up to provide the unit,
which will have a trim width of 2.85 m and
an operating speed of 1,600 m/min. It will be
equipped with a 12-foot steel yankee dryer,
according to the Italian supplier. Capable
of processing both wood pulp and bamboo
pulp, the TM is scheduled to start up in the
second half of this year. The plant, run by the
company's subsidiary, Shaoguan Nanxiong
Zhuji Paper, currently has a capacity of 65,000
tonnes/yr of bamboo pulp, 35,000 tonnes/yr
of uncoated printing and writing paper, and
25,000 tonnes/yr of tissue paper.
Guangxi Tianlifeng has kicked off production on a new 20,000-tonne/yr tissue
machine at its sole mill in Nanning city, in
southwestern China's Guangxi autonomous
region. Supplied by Chinese firm Dazheng
Machinery, the unit has a width of 3.5 m and
a design speed of 1,200 m/min. Besides the
new PM, the company runs another 11 tissue machines with a combined capacity of
35,000 tonnes/yr at the same site. Guangxi
Tianlifeng was acquired by Guangxi Lifeng
Paper in 2015. The latter also distributes converted tissue products produced by Lee & Man
Paper Manufacturing.
In December 2016, Italian supplier Toscotec
delivered two tissue machines, TM 3 and 4,
to Vinda Paper (Zhejiang) to be installed at
its Longyou mill. The machines are scheduled
to begin installation in the spring and
complete start-up in mid-2017. Vinda
Zhejiang mill, catering to the eastern
China market with Shanghai in the
midst and strategically located, has
registered a sustained growth since the
first two Toscotec tissue machines, TM
1 and 2, were fired up in the last quarter
of 2014. With these two new machines,
Vinda Zhejiang mill is expected to achieve a
total production capacity of 210,000 tons/yr.
Sofidel has introduced Papernet Heavenly
Soft Superior, which includes a range of highquality laminated tissue and towels. Heavenly
Soft Superior utilizes a unique construction


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