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that allows plies of paper to be bonded and
embossed together with glue, creating a
softer "at home" look and feel with laminated
designs such as Micro, Circle & Leaf, Acorn,
and Wave. Papernet's Heavenly Soft Superior
line offers luxurious products available in
Single Bath Tissue, Jumbo Roll Tissue, Center
Pull, Hardwound, and Multifold. Papernet
paper products use advanced technology to
limit plies and tissue tears for a more pleasant
experience while also increasing strength,
absorption, and softness. The unique laminated range is ideal for high-end hotels, office
buildings, restaurants, and any area wishing
to provide customers with an improved restroom image.
In the fourth quarter of 2016, A.Celli
Paper won the chance to cooperate with
GuangDong ShaoNeng Group.  For the
first time, ShaoNeng Group ordered a tissue
machine line from A.Celli Paper, the scope
of supply including a stock preparation system, electrical and drive system, DCS & QCS,
accessory equipment, and the tissue machine
itself, in a 2,850-mm format and operation
speed up to 1,600 m/min. Capacity is up to
26,000 tonnes/yr. This new machine will be
located in Nanxiong Shaoneng Group's subordinate mill, Nanxiong Zhuji Paper Mill, as
its TM02, using virgin wood pulp or bamboo
pulp as raw material.
Four Valmet-supplied tissue lines have
started up within three months at Lee & Man
Paper Manufacturing's Chongqing mill
in China. The new lines, which are designed
for production of high quality tissue products with low energy consumption, were all
producing sellable paper from the very start.
"The new lines bring a welcome contribution of 240,000 tons/yr of new capacity to
our production of consumer products. They
will fulfill our requirements for new capacity.
The Valmet Advantage DCT Technology's
capability to produce high quality tissue with
low energy consumption will also support
our targets of environmental efficiency and
providing high quality tissue products on
the market" says Raymond Lee, chairman,
Lee & Man Paper. Valmet's scope of delivery
comprised four complete tissue production
lines featuring stock preparation systems and
Advantage DCT 200HS tissue machines. The
new tissue machines have a width of 5.6 m and
a design speed of 2,000 m/min. They will have
an annual production of 60,000 tons each of
toilet and facial tissue, using virgin wood pulp
and bleached bamboo fiber as raw material.

Tissue360º SPRING/ SUMMER 2017


The first two second generation TT SYD-22FT
(diameter 6,705 mm) have been shipped from
the port of Marina di Carrara, Tuscany. Said
to be the largest diameter steel yankee dryers
yet built, the TT SYD-22FT is at the heart of
Toscotec PRODERGY tissue machine, which is
equipped with a steam hood to achieve a maximum operating speed of 2,000 m/min.
Kimberly-Clark has named Gustavo
Schmidt as its new CEO for Brazil. Schmidt
replaces Sergio Cruz, who will now head
the company's operations in Latin America.
According to Kimberly-Clark, Schmidt is now
responsible for leading one of the company's
top five largest business units and will have the
challenge of keeping its growth pace beyond
double-digits. The executive began his tenure in Kimberly-Clark as financial manager
at the Uruguayan branch in 2000. Since then,
he has occupied several important positions,
including country manager for Uruguay,
Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Caribbean, and
Argentina. In 2014, Schmidt became CEO for
the Andean region, achieving organic growth
of 6 percent in Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia.
Considering also Ecuador, the region's growth
was about 2 percent, as the country has been
facing a complex macroeconomic and political environment, Kimberly-Clark pointed out.
Tissue Italy Network has appointed
Massimo Franzaroli as president for iT's
Tissue 2018, which takes place June 25-29, 2018.
Former president Sergio Casella will remain on
the board as vice president, along with Mauro
Celli, Marco Dell'Osso, and Rudy Michelini.
The iT's tissue 2018 operations team includes
Maddalena Marcone, project manager, Walter
Tamarri, Network general secretary and Stefano
Bortoletto as administration manager. All 12
Tissue Italy network member companies will

also take an active role over the next 18 months
in working groups to cover every aspect of the
event. The 12 companies forming the Tissue
Italy network are: A Celli, Elettric 80, Fabio
Perini, Futura, Gambini, MTC, Omet, PCMC,
Pulsar, Recard, TMC, and Toscotec.
The No-Stop unwinder is OMET's new patented module for tissue converting machines.
It allows operators to change paper rolls without stopping the machine within a specific
timeframe, increasing production and reducing waste levels. This latest innovation from
OMET was born from listening to numerous
customers' requests to have more control over
production planning, assuring more and more
efficiency. The No-Stop unwinder allows automatic switching from one paper roll to another,
even on double-ply, without stopping the press,
allowing the operator to change the roll in a
much quicker and certain manner. The new
model can be integrated into all of OMET's tissue converting machines, even into existing
machines, thereby offering a new opportunity
for increased efficiency and production control.
Futura has had a record 12 months, increasing its market share for high-end tissue converting solutions worldwide. Futura's breakthrough
Andromeda technology was delivered to Europe
and the United States while additional lines
were started up for key clients in Europe, South
America and Mexico. The same period also saw
orders received and prospects developed from
the Chinese market for Futura solutions.
Kadant Solutions, a division of Kadant
Inc., has introduced its Conformatic™ AL creping holder. The next generation Conformatic
holder incorporates the latest technology, bringing improved blade holder performance to the
tissue market. The holder is designed for use in
all yankee doctor positions, including cut-off,
creping, and cleaning. Significant upgrades to
the holder's adjustability were achieved with a
proprietary adjustment mechanism allowing
for precise control of the holder profile across
the entire yankee face without the need for edge
fingers. The robust construction is designed
for today's high-performance tissue machines
and features a self-conforming liquid tube, a
backup blade, and a quick removal feature that
allows the holder to be removed for cleaning and
maintenance. Optional smart features can be
integrated to provide real time process feedback
such as vibration and load.  The holder is available in new doctor systems or as a retrofit to
existing Conformatic holders.


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Global Survey Shows Trends in Yankee Dryer Deliveries
How Will the Tissue Connection Between Europe and North America Continue?
St. Croix Tissue: The Strong Newcomer in the US Tissue Business
Sustainability is Central for Sofidel
RISI and TAPPI to Co-Produce Key Tissue Event in 2017
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