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Cascades Inc., Kingsey Falls, Que., Canada,
has announced that it will build a new tissue
converting plant in Scappoose, Ore., USA. The
$64 million investment includes new state-ofthe-art converting lines that are scheduled for
commissioning at the end of the first quarter
of 2017. The new, modern, and automated
converting plant will create 200 jobs during the construction phase and will employ
80 people once the work is finished. It will
manufacture virgin and recycled bathroom
tissue products and paper hand towels for the
away-from-home market. 

at the reel from 15 to 30 gsm and a maximum
operating speed of 1,000 m/min. Generally,
project goals are focused on TM speed-up to
1,500 m/min, capacity increase, and tissue
quality improvement.
Kruger Products L.P., Montreal, Que.,
Canada, a producer of quality tissue products
for household, industrial, and commercial use,
is investing $55 million to add a paper machine
at its Crabtree Plant in the Lanaudière region.
The project will increase the plant's overall
production by approximately 20,000 metric
tons annually and will help to consolidate
approximately 600 jobs. PM 8, which will produce tissue products primarily for the awayfrom-home market, will be installed in a new
building that will soon be under construction.
PM 8 is expected to be commissioned by the
end of summer 2017. To make this investment,
the company received a $39.5-million loan
from Investissement Québec, which is acting
as an agent of the Government of Québec in
this project.
Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing,
China, has signed a contract with Voith to
supply two tissue machines to its mill in
Dongguan, China. Startup of the new TM 11
and TM 12 is expected to take place, respectively, in September and July 2017. Lee & Man
ordered its TM 3, TM 9, and TM 10 machines
from Voith, and the startup of TM 9 and TM
10 will take place, respectively, in March
and May of 2017. From March through to
September 2017, four tissue machines from
Voith will start up in a row at Lee & Man's
Dongguan mill, at the pace of one machine
every two months. 
SCA, Sweden, has closed its tissue production plant in Sant Joan de Mediona, Spain.
The decision was aligned with the company's
strategy to optimize its geographic production
footprint to drive cost and capital efficiency
and further increase value creation in tissue.
SCA says that it remains fully committed to
the Spanish market, which is the group's sixth
largest market based on sales in 2015. The
production plant had an annual capacity of
45,000 metric tons.
Shaoguan Nanxiong Zhuji Paper,
China, has started trial runs on a new Andritz
25,000 metric tpy tissue machine at its mill in

Celupaper S.A., Argentina, has started up
its new PM 3, the first of two tissue machines
that the South American producer has commissioned to Toscotec (Italy) in the past two
years. This startup follows the rebuilding of
PM 2 that Toscotec also carried out in February
2015. The new line is installed at Papelera
Nicaragua mill, Argentina.

Cheng Loong, Chupei, Taiwan, reports
that its TM 16 tissue machine provided by

Voith has successfully passed its guarantee
test. Its operating speed is up to 2,001 m/min,
which is the fastest speed with a steam hood in
the world, leading the industry in several performance indexes. In the guarantee test, TM 16
kept running at 2,001 m/min for eight hours
and reached all guarantee indexes. At this
record-breaking high speed, steam consumption of the TM 16 is still very low, at only 1.65
metric tons of steam per metric ton of paper. 
Duni, Sweden, has signed an agreement
to acquire in total 60 percent of the shares in
Terinex Siam Co. Ltd., a converter and exporter
of disposable products, predominantly paper
napkins. Based in Thailand, Terinex Siam
specializes within the professional segment
in Southeast Asia. The acquisition is planned
to be completed by mid-August. With approximately 100 employees, Terinex Siam is located
in close proximity to Bangkok. Key target
markets in Southeast Asia include Thailand,
Singapore, and Australia.

Kimberly-Clark GmbH, Germany, has
ordered an Andritz rebuild of its wet lap plant
in Germany. Andritz will supply components
for rebuild of the wet lap plant at its Coblenz
mill in Germany. K-C produces pulp from
wastepaper in Coblenz, which is then used to
make various sanitary papers. The aim of the
rebuild, which is to be completed in December
2016, is to increase the plant capacity and
enhance operating reliability.
Kuban Papir, Russia, has signed a contract
with PMP (Poland) for a wet end rebuild of
its No. 1 tissue machine. TM 1 will be supplied with state-of-the-art new technological
items provided by PMP. The project driving
force is a modern technology that ensures
energy savings solutions following global
trends. Additionally, excellent tissue quality
is expected. TM 1, with a reel trim of 2,750
mm, produces tissue with a basis weight range

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