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millwise | WASHING A Pressing Problem-solved The team at Canfor had a problem with a twin roll press for which there was no readymade solution. The answer was serial #1 of an upgrade that greatly improves washing efficiency at a fraction of the cost of a new press. TEXT AND PHOTOS BY ROBERT PUHR When Greg Hallas walks into Kelly Parfitt's office, there is the usual friendly banter, inquiries about family, and the standard question, "How's POW #1 running?" You would think they've been longtime colleagues. Colleagues they are, even though they are on different sides of the supplier-customer relationship. But they have not known each other all that long-just the length of one upgrade project. Hallas is product manager for twin roll press services at Andritz in North America. Parfitt is a project engineer for two adjacent Canfor mills in Prince George, British Columbia. "Suppliers throw around the word 'partnership' all the time," Parfitt says. "For me, a true partnership requires both parties to have something at risk and something to gain. Both have to be committed to staying-even when things get tough. The upgrade of our post-oxygen wash press (POW #1) here was a true partnership." The risk for Canfor was that the upgrade that Hallas was recommending had never been tried before. The reward was greatly increased washing efficiency, reduced chemical oxygen demand (COD) to the bleach plant, and a very stable operation. All at a fraction of the cost of a new press. Canfor's Intercontinental mill in Prince George, British Columbia. 42 Paper360ยบ MARCH/APRIL 2015

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Paper360 - March/April 2015