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intouch | SAFETY Mills speak Out about safety recognition and Incentive Programs Survey of North American pulp and paper companies shows that nearly 70 percent of companies have some type of program In December 2014, the Pulp and Paper Safety Association (PPSA) conducted a survey among nearly 100 pulp and paper companies in North America to determine what proactive safety recognition/incentive programs were used within the industry. Following are the results: Do you have a safety recognition (incentive) program that is based on proactive metrics/activities? Sixty-nine percent of respondents indicated they had some type of program. Programs included: * Giving out "safety bucks" for attending voluntary safety committee meetings, offering good safety suggestions, correcting a safety situation or participating in a safety audit. The bucks can be used to order items online. * Holding quarterly safety challenges, such as: "Find four things wrong with this photo." Completion of eight photos within three months earns a prize such as a folding snow shovel, an emergency hand crank radio or jumper cables. Other quarterly challenges have included safety crossword puzzles and safety quizzes. Some companies also offer a mill-wide prize for reaching 150 near-misses reported within three months. 78 Paper360ยบ MARCH/APRIL 2015 * Giving away shirts, jackets and meals to celebrate safety, quality or production milestones. * Operation of an online system for submitting hazard observations and near-misses. * Having departmental safety committees conduct meet and greets with coworkers. * Celebration of safe days without injury with events such as cookouts. * STEP card participation, safety committee participation and safety audits. One mill that did not have a formal program reported it thanked people informally for submitting hazard observations, pre-task analysis, safety catches, suggestions for improving a process, and so on. Another mill reported that it had moved to a point where employees participated because they recognized the value of safety, but they no longer gave prizes to celebrate safety, quality or production milestones. Describe proactive metrics/activities you use. * Near miss reporting and training completion. * Percentage of employee involvement. * A customized "rate Your state" card used by employees to evaluate their own mental state before performing a task. The card also has a pre-task checklist to ensure that * * * * * * * * * everything possible is done to ensure the task is done safely, and there is a goal each quarter to submit a certain number of these cards. Safe days. Safety observations using SafeStart principles as a guideline. Inspections conducted by safety committee members of their own areas. Operate recordable injury free and average four 10' Circle of Danger risk assessment cards for a 30-day period. Joint Safety Committees that monitor performance against behavior-based safety metrics, including employee participation rate, present at-risk behaviors, reduction/ elimination of hazards, safe work procedures and CAP closure. Hourly onsite safety representatives encourage participation in site safety project planning. Risk assessments for nonstandard work, job safety observations for standard work, departmental safety improvement projects. Observation-based monthly safety targets and individual safety meeting completion rates (online, pure safety). Near-hit reporting, safety observations, safety inspections, pre-job hazard assessments.

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