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SETPOINT Recognize and Protect Your Assets W hile the title of this issue is “The Winners Issue,” in fact it addresses a number of important assets of any company or organization—specifically how to recognize, reward and protect them. Without doubt, no company would survive without its employees. They are the mainstay of any operation as is frequently pointed out in corporate releases and annual reports. Each year at its huge PaperCon event, TAPPI recognizes the importance of exceptional performance with the presentation of individual awards. Based on nominations from their peers, award recipients are singled out for individual achievement that has benefited both themselves and the organizations for which they have worked during their careers. Such recognition is vitally important to any individual’s personal self esteem and a number of astute companies have recognized this fact and have taken the time to nominate their employees for these awards. Hopefully, in the future more companies will recognize the opportunity these awards present, and will become more proactive in the nomination process. When it comes to fi xed assets, “the quality of a company’s asset management is the primary driver of good, long-term equipment performance,” says Voith’s Michael von Grumbkow in his excellent article in this issue which explores the different time horizons of effective asset management in the pulp and paper industry. The challenge for the North American papermaker, he says, “is to sustain production at a high efficiency level through strategic investment in the proper care and upkeep of their relatively old existing equipment.” As safety is of great concern to assets throughout our industry, this issue includes an article on managing the risk of fire and explosion related to dust. According to author Steven J. Luzik, between 1980 and 2005, there were 281 explosion incidents, 66 of which were attributed to wood and paper dust. Despite the relatively low incidence of dust explosions in the pulp and paper industry, Luziak cautions that “operators should not become complacent.” Also, in this issue we take another look at the need for a consistent, standardized, industrywide safety orientation program, which is now being implemented by TAPPI and member companies. Labor attorney Eric Hobbs describes how TAPPISAFE can protect employees and help companies. Finally, for those who attended the PaperCon event in Atlanta at the end of April, you saw the use of an unusual way to bring print to life with a technology call Layar. If you go to page 29 of this issue and follow the instructions to download the simple app onto your smart phone or tablet, and then scan the page, you’ll see an excellent example of how print and digital can be made to work more closely together. Watch for broad use of this technology in the July/ August issue of Paper360°. EDITORIAL STAFF GLENN OSTLE EDITORIAL DIRECTOR/ ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER LARRY N. MONTAGUE PRESIDENT & CEO, TAPPI ERIC FLETTY VP OPERATIONS, TAPPI KEN PATRICK SENIOR EDITOR MONICA SHAW EDITORIAL DIRECTOR, TAPPI JOURNAL ELISE HITCHCOCK ONLINE EXCLUSIVES EDITOR ADMIN/PRODUCTION/SALES PUBLISHER PAM BLASETTI MANAGING EDITOR MICHAEL SENECAL MARKETING LISA PALO INTEGRATED MEDIA DIRECTOR SHANE HOLT (352) 333-3345 SALES ASSOCIATES SHAUN GREYLING NICHOLAS MANIS JOHN O’NEIL JASON RUPPERT RICK SAUERS ROBERT SHAFER INTERNATIONAL SALES MURRAY BRETT DESIGN SUNNY GOEL REPRINTS GLENN OSTLE | 4 Paper360º MAY/JUNE 2013

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The 2013 TAPPI Award Winners
Successful Asset Management in the Paper Industry from an OEM Point of View
TAPPI Journal Summaries
Managing the Risk of Fire and Explosion in the Pulp and Paper Industry
Broadening the Availability of Carbon Fibers with Lignin
TAPPISAFE Through the Eyes of a Labor Attorney
Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp
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Paper360 - May/June 2013